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Staples Clear Staples Brand Dividers

Staples® Write-On™ BIG TAB Dividers
Item: SS3292345
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As low as 6.79 $6.79
Multiple options available
Staples® Big Tab Insertable Dividers
Item: SS1081628
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  • Bigger tabs for more printing space
  • Reinforced binder holes
  • Includes printer compatible inserts
As low as 5.29 $5.29
Multiple options available
Staples® Extra Wide Dividers with Insertable Tabs
Item: SS462895
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  • Bigger tabs and inserts provide 50% more space
  • Wider than regular dividers (9" x 11")
  • Available in 5 or 8-tab sets
  • Clear tabs
As low as 1.99 $1.99
Multiple options available
Staples® Economy Insertable Dividers with Buff Paper
Item: SS992710
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  • Straight-cut, insertable tabs with blank white inserts included
  • Available in clear and multicolor
  • Available in 5-tab and 8-tab dividers
As low as 7.99 $7.99
Multiple options available