Staples Dry Erase Whiteboards

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Share information, manage to-do lists, and manage schedules with a Staples® dry erase whiteboard. Available in a range of sizes that fit most spaces and finishes that blend into almost any decor, these products provide erasable writing surfaces in kitchens, dorm rooms, offices, or conference areas. Find easy-to-install whiteboards that meet any home or office need when you browse the selection of boards and easels available at Staples.

Organize Information With a Staples Dry Erase Whiteboard
Clear communications help keep households and businesses running smoothly, and dry erase boards are an effective way to share schedules and plans with family members or co-workers. Their white writing surfaces enhance legibility and provide a high-contrast background for colored dry erase markers. Whiteboards are also easy to erase to update information as schedules or deadlines change. A magnetic whiteboard lets users add materials such as photos or paper documents to written notes, and marker trays keep pens and erasers organized.

A Staples Dry Erase Whiteboard Is a Versatile Writing Surface
The many sizes and styles of dry erase boards make it simple to put information where it's most useful. Hang a small board on a desk hutch and use it to track to-do lists, or mount one on a fridge to leave notes or reminders for family members. A medium-sized board in a private office gives managers space to track projects or plan work schedules. The largest boards are ideal for conference rooms and provide plenty of writing area for collaborative efforts.

What Type of Writing Surface Does a Staples Dry Erase Whiteboard Have?
These products have a variety of writing surfaces that are all compatible with dry erase markers. A cost-effective melamine board is an excellent option for light-duty application. Porcelain boards have a durable, heavy-duty surface that easily handles daily use in conference rooms. Steel-backed melamine or porcelain surfaces allow users to hang ancillary materials on the board with magnets. Some models have cork board panels that offer additional presentation options.

How Do You Hang Staples a Dry Erase Whiteboard?
Most boards include mounting hardware that makes it simple to secure them to a wall using a few hand tools. Some small boards have double-sided tape backings that stick to surfaces such as refrigerators or doors. Most boards support vertical and horizontal mounting, so they're easy to fit in the available space.

What Size Staples Dry Erase Whiteboard Should You Choose?
These products vary in size, from compact 8.5 inches (w) x 11 inches (h) models to roomy 8 feet (w) x 4 feet (h) writing surfaces. To maximize the usable work area, choose the largest dry erase board that will fit the available space.

How High Should You Mount a Staples Dry Erase Whiteboards?
When choosing a hanging location for a board, consider both the room layout and the height of the typical user. Place it high enough so everyone in the room can see written notes, and check its location to ensure obstacles such as pillars don't block sight lines. A vertical position that places the center of the board 54-58 inches above the floor puts most of the writing surface within easy reach of a standing adult. Use lower mounting heights to accommodate children in classrooms or wheelchair users.