Staples Packing List Envelopes

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Staples packing list envelopes show recipients the contents of their packages before they open them. These polyurethane containers have self-adhesive backings that stick to shipping boxes. They are made of durable, weather-resistant plastic material that secures and protects attached packing lists and invoices during shipping.

Save Time with Staples Packing List Envelopes
Packing list envelopes make it easier for mailing room staff to sort packages. By clearly identifying the contents of shipping cartons, these labels help shipping centers redirect mail to the appropriate destinations. Packing envelopes containing receipts can also improve the efficiency of warehouses and sales offices. These envelopes are easy to apply on packages. Their pressure-sensitive adhesive backings securely attach onto a wide variety of shipping containers including those made of paper, wood, plastic and metal. They come in bulk packages containing 500 or 1000 pieces per case. Buying in bulk can save money and help sellers ship out orders quickly especially during busy sales seasons.

Picking the Right Packing List Envelopes for Your Shipment
Staples packing list envelopes come in different sizes. The right size to choose depends on the kind of packages you send out. Small envelopes are ideal for lightweight packages while large ones should go on shipping boxes. Most packing envelopes are 2-mil tamper-proof plastic bags. A 2-mil plastic envelope is about only half the thickness of a sheet of paper. Besides size and thickness, you can also choose between printed and non-printed options. Printed envelopes include printed panels stating that they contain packing lists, invoices or important documents. Some have these panels at the top while others have full face printed panels. Make sure the panels on the envelopes you choose come in colors that draw attention to their contents. Staples uses bright colors like red, blue, orange and yellow for the panels on its packing envelopes.

Do you Need Full Face Printed Packing List Envelopes?
Get a packing envelope with a full face-printed panel if you want the recipient to pay extra attention to the content of the envelope. Besides serving as a bold reminder, a full face printed envelopes also hides shipping documents. This is important when shipping documents contain sensitive information that you do not want anyone to read along the way.

Should you consider Mil Thickness when Ordering Packing List Envelopes?
Mil is a measure of the thickness. When applied to plastic bags, it also refers to the gauge of their polyurethane sheet. A mil is 0.001 inch or one-thousandth of an inch. The higher the mil value, the stronger the plastic sheet. A 2-mil packing envelope is thick enough to protect shipping documents. However, if you are shipping orders to international customers, you may need thicker packing list envelopes to ensure that shipping documents survive their long transits across the world.

What are Zipper Closure Packing List Envelopes?
A zipper closure packing envelope has a zip fastener running along its top edge. By design, anyone can open this envelope en route to the recipient. Zipper packing envelopes are mostly for international orders. These border-crossing shipping boxes usually require customs inspections. Zip closure packing lists envelopes make it possible for customs officers to inspect shipping documents and reseal them.