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Scissors work by using two levers to increase cutting force. Together, these levers cut through paper and a variety of other materials. Staples Stainless steel scissors are the most common type of household scissors, and they are popular because of their durability and resistance to corrosion. Staples® carries a selection of scissors and other cutting instruments for all types of projects and uses.

Understanding the Uses for Staples Stainless Steel Scissors
Scissors can be used for a variety of cutting tasks other than on paper, hair, and cloth. Use fine-pointed scissors to cut open a package, or utilize sterilized scissors in the kitchen for cutting food items, such as tortillas. Wield scissors to cut herbs and other fruits and vegetables from vines without damaging the plants. They can also be used to snip flowers from the garden to create homemade arrangements.

Pack a pair of medical scissors in a first aid kit for cutting gauze and bandages in half. Take a pair of stainless scissors camping or on hiking trips in the event you need to cut rope, tarps, or other materials with accuracy.

Picking the Right Staples Stainless Steel Scissors for the Job
Scissors often have molded plastic handles for an easy grip and maximum control. Choose blunt or rounded tips for use in classrooms and for small children. Small scissors measuring 5 inches or less are ideal for little hands, and the petite size lets them fit in pencil boxes or backpacks. Children’s scissors also tend to have one hole for the thumb and a larger hole that accommodates the rest of the fingers for increased safety and control.

Choose a two-pack of Staples scissors so you can have a pair for work and one for home. Scissors measuring 8 inches or longer cut through fabric quickly and make cutting large banners and poster board easy.

What Is the Difference Between Staples Stainless Steel Scissors and Shears?
Scissors and kitchen shears are very similar in appearance. The blades on a pair of scissors usually measure 6 inches or less in length, and the finger holes are the same size as each other. Shears have blades that measure more than 6 inches, and the handles have a small hole for the thumb and another, longer hole for two or more fingers. While regular scissors are most commonly used to cut paper, shears are stronger and used to cut fabric and other heavy-duty materials with precision.

What Is the Difference Between Left-Handed and Right-Handed Staples Stainless Steel Scissors?
Right-handed scissors are the standard for most scissors. In left-handed scissors, the blades are reversed so the left blade is on top. This makes it easy for left-handed people to operate the scissors using the proper cutting action and to be able to see what they're snipping.

What Is the Proper Way to Hold Staples Stainless Steel Scissors?
To get full control over the scissors, position the wrist so the thumb is facing in an upward position and resting inside the thumb loop on the scissors. Place the middle finger and index finger in the opposite loop. Curl the ring finger and pinkie towards the hand and out of the way. The cutting motion of the scissors usually places the wrist in the correct position for maximum control. Select a new pair of scissors as a part of your next office supplies order.

The Best Staples Scissors

Staples carries 2 Staples Scissors with an average rating of 4.4 stars. That makes it difficult to choose the right Staples Scissor for school, business, or any other need. So to help we created a list of the top Staples Scissors available at Staples. This list is ranked by customer ratings and reviews and products range in price from $1.28 to $9.36:

Least Expensive Staples Scissors?

Everyone in school, business, or an office has a budget, so price is often the deciding factor when choosing Staples Scissors and other office supplies. That’s why we compiled a list of the least expensive Staples Scissors we carry at Staples. The Staples Scissors in the list below range in price from $1.28 to $9.36. Start with the most discounted at the top to save the most:

Most Popular Staples Scissors

If you know Staples is the brand of file folder you want, the next step is to choose the right Staples Scissor. At Staples our products receive tons of reviews, and Staples Scissors have over 47 of them. So check out what other discerning customers have to say with the most reviewed Staples Scissors: