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Global Material Steel Wool Hand Pad, #0000, Finest, 4" Wide, 12 Sleeves per case
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Get even the toughest surfaces spotless with steel wool sponges. Made with coarse, metallic fibers, they help remove tough dirt and grime from pots and pans, grills, oven accessories, and more. Staples® carries a large selection of sponges and cleaning supplies, including a variety of steel wool sponge options, which makes it easy to keep the home and office sparkling clean.

Steel Wool Sponges Designed to Cut Through Baked-On Messes
A steel wool sponge's rough exterior makes it the ideal tool for scrubbing tough, caked-on messes often found on cookware and cooktops. The coarse fibers chip away at dirt and grime without damaging the surface below. It makes it fast and easy to scrub baked-on food, grease, charred residue, and water stains. Small and compact, these pads allow for easy handling, providing more cleaning power with every pass. Many are also resistant to rust, allowing users to get more scrubbing power out of every sponge.

Soap-Infused Steel Wool Sponges for Added Cleaning Power
Combined with soap, steel wool and resin sponges make it simple to clean even the most difficult messes. Infused with long-lasting soap formulas, simply get them wet and start scrubbing to restore surfaces to their original state. The reusable, one-step nature of these products makes them ideal for keeping on hand in high-use areas like kitchens, break rooms, or garages for quick and easy cleanups. Pads with scented soap leave behind fresh scents as users scrub away unwanted residues.

How Large Are Steel Wool Sponges?
Some cleaning tools are small and compact, and others are larger and more robust. Users can even find steel wool available on spools. The design of all of these products, no matter the size, is for easy handling, which provides the necessary leverage for maximum cleaning power. Keep multiple sizes handy to tackle all of your cleaning needs around the home, office, or warehouse.

What Surfaces Can You Use Steel Wool Sponges On?
These sponges are tough on dirt yet they are gentle on scratch-prone surfaces. Steel wool works on everything from aluminum, iron, and stainless steel pots and pans to oven racks, grill grates, shower doors, tires, and some outdoor furniture. The versatility makes them ideal for large cleaning projects, allowing users to go from one project to the next without switching cleaning tools. It also makes it easy to grab a pad and start scrubbing without worrying about damaging particular items or surfaces.

How Many Steel Wool Sponges Come in a Pack?
You have several choices of quantity, depending on the brand and style of sponges. Some come in packs of two or three sponges, and others come in boxes of 10 or more products. Steel wool wound on spools often features anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds of material per roll.

Are All Steel Wool Sponges the Same?
Steel wool is available in multiple grades, ranging from fine to coarse, suited to a variety of different cleaning needs. The grade measures the thickness of the wires from which the wool comes from. The finest grades have fibers measuring 0.001 to 0.0015 inches. Thicker options measure up to 0.0047 inches, and these are denser and more coarse to the touch.