Surgical Prep Mitts

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Quickly remove unwanted particulates using these surgical prep mitts. Large enough to fit various hand sizes, these mitts cover a generous amount of surface area, which helps expedite the removal process. They are appropriate for use in hospitals, urgent care offices, and other medical facilities.

Ideal for Removing a Variety of Particulates
These surgical prep mitts are a good option for removing a wide variety of small objects from patients' bodies or wounds. Extricate glass from gashes, excess skin flakes or hair after prepping the body for surgery, or other objects too small for fingers or medical tools to extract. These gloves are big enough to cover large swathes of skin, making them ideal for large and small jobs.

Easy to Maintain Sanitary Conditions
The gloves cover the entire hand to prevent accidental contamination of sterile conditions after using a shave prep or disinfectant to prepare the skin for the procedure. They feature a non-transferable adhesive that picks up the particulates on contact without leaving behind a sticky residue, which reduces the risk of aggravating wounds or injuries by eliminating the need to brush or sweep the area. The gloves fit a variety of hand sizes and are easily disposed of with other medical waste when you're finished using them.

Avoid Allergic Reactions
Most models of these surgical prep mitts are latex-free, which means you can use them without worrying about causing an adverse skin reaction in patients or staff with latex allergies. The gloves are individually wrapped, preventing contamination by environmental elements such as dust, dirt, and germs.

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