Skin Prep

Skin prep tools make it easy to get patients ready for surgeries or light medical procedures quickly and efficiently. Marking tools allow doctors and nurses to clearly indicate examination or surgical sites. Many skin prep options help sanitize or remove particulate matter before operations.

Accurate Marking
Skin prep markers allow doctors to draw on the skin to give patients a clear indication of what kind of events should happen during upcoming surgeries. This helps ensure patient understanding, making it an essential part of planning for cosmetic or reconstructive surgeries.

Sanitize Skin
Many skin prep tools help sanitize the area where doctors need to operate. Skin scrub trays make it easy to carry the essential tools you need to quickly scrub down and sanitize operation sites prior to incisions. A wide selection of options stand available for keeping skin clean and healthy for post-operative or emergency wound care.

Quick and Close Shaving
Skin prep tools also simplify the removal of hair from many different areas of the body. Shave prep kits allow you to ensure skin is properly prepared before shaving, and many of these options include handheld razors for quick and effective cutting. Surgical clippers also provide a close shave in a fraction of the time manual shaving takes.

Clear Away Dead Skin and Hair
Modern skin prep tools include prep mitts that let you remove cut hair and dead skin cells without needing to apply water or turn the patient. These versatile and sanitary mitts feature an adhesive coating that quickly and efficiently catches hair and other particulate matter with just a slight touch.