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Use professional shave prep tools with stainless steel blades when performing delicate procedures on any patient. Whether you need sterile or non-sterile shave prep razors or all-in-one compartment shave prep trays, you can choose from a variety of bulk packages to fit your office needs.

Efficient, Sterile Razor Choices
Double-sided shave prep razors come in sterile or non-sterile options. These double-sided razors use medical-grade stainless steel blades for optimal hygiene. Sterile razors eliminate the need to sterilize razors before procedures to help your team become more efficient. Choose sterile double-sided shave prep tools that come in packs of 100 to help keep your procedure room stocked.

All-in-One Shave Prep Trays
Take the hassle out of having to purchase all of the shave prep tools individually with dual compartment shave prep trays that come equipped with a stainless steel razor blade, waterproof drape, absorbent towel, cotton-tipped applicators, soap-impregnated sponge, gauze sponges, and a two-compartment tray. Although the trays are not sterile, they come with the appropriate materials to sterilize the equipment before using it on the patient. The trays make prepping for procedures simple and convenient, as you can quickly dispose of everything in the tray upon completion.

Hypoallergenic Safety
Most shave prep tools are hypoallergenic to be compatible with as many patients as possible. The latex-free material helps reduce allergic reactions and keep everybody safe. The latex-free option eliminates the need to keep several different shave prep products in the office.

Comfortable Design
The comfortable, contoured grip on many shave prep tools can help reduce hand cramps and lets you deliver a smooth shave every time.

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