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T-Square Rulers

Creating precise drawings is a must for a variety of occupations, including engineers, architects, and draftsman. A T-square is a type of ruler that makes it easy to draw straight horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. It has a T-shape design with a perpendicular crosspiece on one end for sketching technical diagrams. Staples carries a large variety of measuring devices, including protractors, yard sticks, and tape measures.

Choosing the Right T-Square
There are two basic types of T-square rulers: construction and technical. A construction T-square is primarily used by builders, while a technical T-square is used by engineers and architects. In construction, the tool ensures walls and framing are completely straight for stability. In engineering, the device is used in conjunction with a drafting table that holds a large sheet of paper or oversized document for drawing. The cross section of the square is set in place at the top of the drawing surface. It can be slid back and forth to the required location on the board.

Squares and triangles may be etched along the edge of the T-square to create precise angles that are needed when drawing rooms and walls. You can also add curves with a French curve template when generating windows or other unique architectural elements.

Available Options for a T-Square
Standard models are crafted from lightweight aluminum, which makes them ideal to take from one job to the next. They are also virtually unbreakable, so they are durable enough for daily use out on a job site. Wooden T-squares have a wood body that is usually set in acrylic to prevent splintering or discoloration with age. Adjustable-angle T-squares let you create 90-degree angles or adjustable angles to assist with a variety of applications, including floor and tile installations.

Some designs have a clear acrylic edge, which makes it possible to see underneath the edge where you are drawing. This is ideal when multiple parallel lines must be drawn.

What Are the Benefits of a T-Square Over a Ruler?
When placing a folding ruler on a sheet of paper, the line is subject to human visual error. Even though a line drawn on paper may look exactly straight, it may have a slight angle that could throw an entire drawing off. T-squares ensure each line has a precise measurement to eliminate the likelihood of error.

How Do You Calculate What Size T-Square Is Needed?
The size needed depends on the size of the workstation and the size of the project. The device should not extend past the edge of your drawing area, so it's a good idea to measure the surface before purchasing. Large models are ideal when creating full-sized blueprints, while smaller ones are ideal for detail work.

What Are the Parts of a T-Square Called?
These tools have two main parts. The long centerpiece is referred to as the blade. This blade can measure anywhere from 18 inches to more than 4 feet in length. The top portion is called the stock or head. This is the part that lies flush with the edge of the workstation to ensure accuracy.
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Staedtler® Mars® 24" Wood T-Square
Item : 242495 / Model : 970 20-24H
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  • 5 screw fixed wooden head
  • Transparent edges let you see under the line you are ruling
  • 24" x 2 5/8"
14.29 $14.29