Tablet Accessories

Tablet accessories further enhance the convenience of your portable computer by enhancing its functionality. Pick and choose from many different varieties to customize your device. The wide selection of available accessories makes it easy to create a portable machine that neatly suits your needs.

Exceptional Protection
Tablet cases and covers keep your device safe from accidental bumps and drops by providing padded impact protection. Many cases protect the screen from minor abrasion damage, keeping it clear of scratches and allowing it to retain its touchscreen input precision for quite some time. The exceptional protection afforded by many accessories can help increase the longevity of your device.

Simple Expansion
Modern tablets make it easy to expand functionality by connecting wireless devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. Quickly add accessories that give your tablet access to bar-code scanning or easy communications technology. When it comes time to upgrade your device, check out the selection of the latest tablets featuring advanced operating systems and wireless interfaces.

Precise Input
Many tablet accessories are designed to help increase input precision or allow for faster data entry. Add numeric keypads and external keyboards to allow for quick typing, or choose a high-quality stylus for precision artwork or image manipulation. Precision input devices allow you to use your tablet for creative work as well as standard office tasks.

Easy Operation
Mounts and stands allow you to get the most out of your tablet by positioning it in a way that frees both your hands for operation. Advanced mounts feature charging stations and external speakers. This makes it easy to set up impromptu demonstrations or planned presentations for coworkers, clients and customers.