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Tablet Chargers & Adapters

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You'll never need to worry about a low battery with these convenient tablet chargers and adapters. Each one is designed for easy installation, so you can start charging in seconds. Select from wired and portable chargers made by brands such as Motorola, Belkin, and Targus.

Multiple Connection Options
Tablet chargers and adapters are available with a variety of connector types, so you can keep your devices powered at all times. For office or home use, select chargers that plug directly into the wall. Many models have removable ends that conveniently pop off to reveal a USB connector for easy charging of your device with a computer. Harness the power of your vehicle between meetings or on business trips with a car charging system that draws energy from your cigarette lighter or auxiliary port.

Ample Power Supply
Each of these tablet chargers and adapters is designed to handle the higher power requirements of tablet computers. They ensure a steady energy supply and quick electricity transfer so you can minimize charging time. Many models also accept lower-energy devices such as mobile phones and cameras, enabling you to do more with a single device.

Portable Design
Stay connected on the go with portable tablet chargers and adapters. Don't worry if you aren't near a power outlet — select a portable power pack that charges your devices wherever you go. For quick top-ops, a compact 2,200-mAh pack is a lightweight option that fits easily in a laptop bag. If you need to charge multiple tablets, opt for a pack with a 10,000-mAh capacity or higher.