Tax Forms

With tax forms and tax envelopes, you can rest assured that all your financial data is in order at tax time. Whether you're sending out 1099-MISC forms or preparing a W-2C form for the IRS, use TOPS and Staples brand tax forms to send required information to employees and tax agencies. ACA reporting is mandatory for 2015. Staples carries a full line of the 1095 forms, which the IRS uses to verify healthcare coverage meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Versatile Compatibility
Tax forms designed for use with laser or inkjet printers let you easily print out tax documents for the entire office on an as-needed basis. Use standard tax software to organize your financial information before you print it, or use a proprietary program that takes the needs of your specific business into account. Continuous form packs help make the printing process go more quickly with an office dot-matrix printer.

Preprinted Convenience
Tax forms with preprinted instructions, multiple copies and convenient boxes for you to fill in ensure that your business is compliant with federal and state tax reporting regulations. Simply add individual data, such as allocated tips or withheld wages, that are specific to your business and send the required copies to the appropriate agencies. Use these tax forms in conjunction with payroll paperwork and other HR forms to ensure complete accuracy in all your in-house business records.

Mailing Made Simple
Tax envelopes designed to fit specific tax forms make it easy to send out payroll tax information to each employee or independent contractor. Security linings keep sensitive financial data safe from prying eyes, and clear protective envelope windows reveal addresses for easy mailing. Choose a tax form kit that includes the actual forms, matching envelopes, and tax preparation software to increase tax-time efficiency.