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Teachers & Classroom Supplies

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Every profession requires a list of supplies that are necessary for doing each task efficiently. Teacher supplies aid an instructor in presenting lessons, educating children, and decorating classrooms to create engaging environments. Staples® carries a large selection of supplies to outfit a classroom and to create a genuine interest in learning.

Benefits of Using Teacher Supplies
Because most people learn by both visual and written clues, classroom supplies are beneficial in creating a supportive learning environment. Add implements to a day care center to introduce toddlers and young children to items used in preschool. Choose items for use in after-school clubs or during summer camps, like stamps and stamp pads.

Tutors can benefit from adding the same materials used in traditional classrooms. Some classroom supplies are geared to a specific subject material. Calculators, compasses, and protractors are optimal for math classes. There are also supplies like worksheets, tote bags, and planners that can be utilized across the board.

Choosing the Right Teacher Supplies Per Grade
Younger children can benefit from thick pencils, lined papers, and stencils to teach proper penmanship. Colored pencils, markers, paint, and crayons are excellent for use in art classes or when encouraging students to express themselves. Chalk comes in a variety of colors and can be used on individual blackboards or on a classroom board for making notes or notifying students of homework assignments and special events.

Older students may benefit from a suggestion box that lets the instructor know items that would be beneficial to change. Presentation boards and clipboards are also helpful for older children to create science projects or to carry on studies. Other supplies like pencil sharpeners, recycling bins, and posters and signs are standard for most classrooms to provide both function and decor.

What Are the Most Common Teacher Supplies to Have at Your Desk?
There are certain items that most teachers can never have enough of. A desk pencil sharpener mounted on the corner of the desk provides a place for all students to keep pencils ready for work. When mounted to the desk it also eliminates the likelihood of loss. Dry-erase markers are a must-have for any teacher who writes notes on a whiteboard at the front of the class. Choose markers in different colors to keep different subject matter apart. Stamps and stamp pads prevent hand fatigue by reducing time spent commenting on each paper.

What Is the Optimal Way to Organize Teacher Supplies?
Stay organized by creating a place for everything. Utilize storage containers and make sure each one has a label. It's also a good idea to create a command center on one side of the classroom to keep all supplies. Cubbies are ideal for students. Make sure all individual folders and each student's supplies are kept within a personal cubby to make them easy to find.

Can You Order Teacher Supplies in Bulk?
Classroom supplies can be purchased by the single item, such as stamps and stamp pads, or they can be purchased in multipacks to save money. When purchasing in bulk, make sure you have the space to store the items without causing too much clutter in the classroom, which can distract from learning.