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A landline phone provides good call quality and reduces the need for providing mobile devices throughout the office. Staples® carries a variety of traditional phones that protect against dropped calls that can reduce the quality of customer service.

Landline Phones Compared to Cell Phones
Landline systems utilize direct connections via fiber optic or copper wire connections, resulting in clear calls and reliable connections. A cell phone relies on radio waves and access to the provider's signal, which can result in dropped calls if there is weak or no coverage. Landline options offer improved call quality due to the direct connection, helping users hear callers in busy offices. A wired phone line also provides an accurate floor location in the event of an emergency, which isn't possible with a cell phone. Copper connections remain working during power outages, helping workers maintain productivity without relying on a charged battery. Multi-line landline devices accept calls from more than one line, reducing the need for additional phones and maximizing communication budgets.

Understanding the Landline Phone Types
A wired phone provides a single handset that remains connected to the base at all times. These styles work well for reception areas and call centers, and let each user make and take calls whenever possible. Wired systems accept headset connections so users can speak to customers without sitting at their desks.

Cordless phone systems include a handset and a separate base that provides a charge. Once charged, these handsets let users talk from nearly anywhere in the home or office as long as they remain within range of the handset. Cordless phones work over the gigahertz frequency range, which provides maximum range and call quality. Many of these devices include battery backup, ensuring proper connection during storms or loss of power. Many cordless models come with additional bases and handsets, providing a simple method for keeping phones accessible throughout the office.

How Does a Bluetooth®-Compatible Landline Phone Work?
Bluetooth-compatible phones pair with cell phones, providing access to the wireless service. Once connected, users can answer calls on the wireless network using the landline system, reducing the need for hurrying to other rooms or remaining in one spot during charging. Bluetooth connections through the landline system also improve the cell phone call quality in basements and other areas with weak signals.

What Features Are Available on a Landline Phone?
Most landline models include an LCD screen that lets users see the number they're dialing. Caller ID shows the number and name of the person calling in, providing workers with extra time to access specific files and information. Speakerphones eliminate the need for holding a handset, helping users maintain ergonomic positioning throughout the day. Most landlines also include varying ringtones on multi-line systems, which ensures users know who the call is for before answering.

Are Landline Phones Available in Different Colors?
Use black landline phones in professional or contemporary work areas. Gray and metallic styles add a bit of color in offices filled with dark hues. Consider blue, green, or red models for different customer service teams or to add personality to any desk space. White units pair well with lighter decorating schemes and blend into the surroundings.