Tempur-Pedic Office Chairs

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Ergonomic seating helps employees stay focused and efficient throughout the work day. A Tempur-Pedic office chair combines flexible seating controls with a memory foam seat. These products fit most body types and are comfortable enough to use all day. Staples carries these chairs in a variety of styles and colors, making it simple to find seating for any home office or business need.

Enjoy Ergonomic Comfort With a Tempur-Pedic Office Chair
A properly adjusted office chair reduces the stress on the arms, shoulders and back and promotes healthy circulation. These products offer many controls that let users fit their chair to their seated posture. Adjustable seat backs with built-in lumbar support accommodate both tall and short users. Seat height, tilt and depth adjustments keep feet flat on the floor and thighs level. Chairs with adjustable armrests reduce shoulder and arm fatigue. They also encourage proper wrist positioning when using a keyboard, which can minimize the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Choose a Stylish Tempur-Pedic Chair
These products include both mid-back task chairs and executive seating options. They have bonded leather finishes that match traditional offices and modern mesh and fabric chairs that are ideal for contemporary interiors. The broad range of colors makes it easy to match finishes to existing office furniture or home office decor. Durable mesh chair backs and upholstered seat cushions are easy to clean. Most models also feature a five-star nylon base with dual-wheel casters that roll easily over hard or carpeted surfaces.

Why Pick a Tempur-Pedic Office Chair?
Office workers spend long hours in their chairs. These products feature cushions made from TEMPUR foam. This material contains millions of tiny cells that flex and give when compressed. They conform to the body's contours, providing firm and even support. Some chairs pair Tempur seat pads with mesh backs. Mesh also provides substantial support but allows air to circulate so office staff can stay cool under pressure.

What Features Should Your Tempur-Pedic Chair Have?
When choosing an office chair, consider when and how it's used. A simple low-back option is ideal for occasional use in a home office, but longer hours at the desk may require the substantial support offered by a mid- or high-back chair. Similarly, an adjustable model that accommodates your preferred seated posture may be a better choice for business seating in the workplace.

When Should you Replace an Office Chair?
These products provide many years of reliable service, but eventually, fabrics wear out and chair controls break. If a chair has creaky or squeaky joints, an unstable base or controls that won't retain their settings, it may be unsafe. Padding that feels hard or doesn't spring back after you get up may be too worn to provide proper support. These symptoms indicate that it may be time for a replacement chair.

Comfortable seating is an important part of any business environment or home office. Ergonomic chairs help staff stay focused on the job and reduce the risk of stress-related injuries. They're also available in colors and styles that blend into any office's decor. Find a seating solution that meets your needs when you explore the many Tempur-Pedic chairs available at Staples.