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Third Grade Flinkster Learning Audiobooks Collection-Download

Item #: 142297 | Model #: KCPZLK23PM63MHC
Third Grade Flinkster Learning Audiobooks Collection-Download
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Product ID: 142297
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About this product
Want your children to practice their reading, math, spelling, and writing skills? Try Simply's fund & entertaining Third Grade Learning Downloadable Bundle to do so and also those for Grades K, 1 & 2!

Third grade learning was created by educator Peter Dublin, Ed.D from Columbia, who has taught, tutored, and created award winning software for over 20 years. Third Grade Learning builds on what Dr. Dublin has done in the earlier part of the series, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades. He uses that platform to empower children to learn on their own at their own pace, and feel confident accordingly. The learning consists of information, fun testing, games, and puzzles to enhance student interest, commitment to the program, and their efforts in School. A win/win all the way around.

  • Phonic Reading is the starting place
  • 40 Reading lessons, games & more
  • 40 Math lessons, games & more
  • 20 Writing lessons, games & more
  • 20 Spelling lessons, games & more