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Threadlockers are adhesives that seal threaded connections, such as nuts and bolts or mechanical fasteners. This bond keeps the joint tight and secure, even when it's subject to shock or vibration. These products come in many different formulations designed to handle specific kinds of joints and fastener materials. Adhesives from manufacturers such as Loctite, Permatex and Devcon are available at Staples.

Easy Application Options
Most of these products come in one of two physical forms -- liquids or semi-solid sticks -- and liquids include both wicking and non-wicking sealants. Wicking sealants have low viscosity, so they flow into the gap between threads in previously joined fasteners, but you must apply non-wicking adhesives to threads before connecting the parts. Semi-solid sticks are a convenient application option. These materials won't run or drip, so you can carry them in a pocket or toolbox without worrying about spills or stains. They must be applied directly to exposed threads. A few thread sealants come in paste or tape form, offering additional adhesive options for specific applications. They may be easier to use in hard-to-reach locations. While locking adhesives perform best when applied to clean surfaces, many of these products will work on threads with contaminants such as oil or minor corrosion.

Flexible Sealing Characteristics
When choosing a threadlocker, consider the size of the fastener, what it's made from and the operating conditions it will experience when installation is complete. Most manufacturers color-code their adhesives. Purple thread sealants are typically low strength and used for lightweight connections and small fasteners, while blue products are ideal for medium-duty links. Red adhesives are the strongest and are designed for permanent installations with large fasteners. Green typically indicates a wicking thread sealing product, and other colors designate special-purpose sealants.

Once applied, most thread adhesives dry in 5 to 10 minutes and cure within 24 hours. In addition to protecting the connection from vibrations or impacts, most are also water resistant, so they reduce corrosion and rust on threaded surfaces. While many sealed connections can be undone using hand tools, fasteners sealed with heavy-duty thread-locking adhesives may require high heat or power tools to separate again. Most products also specify material compatibility, making it simple to choose the right sealant for your task.

Unique Threadlockers for Specialized Tasks
These products can do more than simply secure nuts and bolts. Some thread sealants are designed specifically for use on pipes. They create a waterproof seal, eliminating the possibility of leaks. For demanding mechanical applications, high-temperature thread-locking sealants may be a good choice. Some products can withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Food-safe thread adhesives are suitable for use on kitchen plumbing or equipment, and some products meet military standards, such as MIL-S-46163A.

Thread-locking adhesives create a tight bond between threaded surfaces and protect joints from corrosion. There are many different sealants, and they're designed to meet almost any need, from binding lightweight nuts and bolts to locking heavy-duty mechanical parts in place. Shop the selection of threadlockers available at Staples and ensure your connections are solid and secure.

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