Time Clocks & Cards

Choose a time clock that prints the time, year, and date on time cards, or sends data to a computer. Install a time card rack, so your employees can easily find their cards. Keep replacement time clock batteries and ribbons to ensure you're prepared when your time clock needs new supplies.

An electronic time clock records when an employee clocks in or clocks out on a time card, or sends the information to a computer. Many time clocks come with a battery backup that allows employees to track their time worked during a power outage. If you have a large workforce, choose a machine that doesn’t use a time card, as this eliminates the need to re-enter time card data into the computer and prevents costly mistakes, such as entering inaccurate information.

Install an electronic time clock at the workplace to save time, as your employees can quickly stamp their time cards or scan their finger to clock in. Easily review time cards on a daily or weekly basis to determine if employees are working too much overtime. Many machines submit information directly to your accounting software, which cuts down on the number of employees required in the payroll department, in addition to saving on the time required to review data.

If you opt for a machine with a finger scanner or facial recognition technology, you eliminate the need to purchase replacement ink cartridges and time cards. Not only does this help the environment by cutting down on paper usage, over time, this can lead to large savings and free up space that you use to store supplies.