Time Clock Systems

Upgrade your time clocks to automated punch systems that conveniently back up work records. Security locks and anti-tampering features prevent unauthorized staff from altering stored information. Find Web-based time clocks so that you can check employee attendance online from any Internet device.

Automatic Calculations
Time clocks take the grunt work out of calculating hundreds of payroll hours and individual schedule variations. Choose automated systems that adjust to weekly, biweekly, and monthly payroll schedules based on your program settings and instantly calculate irregularities such as overtime and sick leave. Advanced electronic clocks automatically adapt to shorter months and daylight savings time, eliminating the need to reset your system periodically.

Secure Mountable Setup
Mount time clocks in visible locations your employees can quickly access on their way in and out. Mounting equipment stabilizes your device on the wall or desktop, making it easy for staff to quickly punch or swipe time cards without waiting in a long line. Take advantage of security locks and fingerprint or facial recognition technology to protect your system from fraudulent tampering.

Reliable Memory Backup
High-capacity time clocks store data for hundreds of employees simultaneously, helping you maintain thorough information for your business files and tax records. Be prepared for unexpected power outages with memory backup features that save work records for months or years, offering fast data retrieval when you need to settle disputes or discrepancies.

Advanced Scanning
Completely digitize your payroll system, and equip employees with advanced proximity cards. Scanning systems collect payroll data directly from electronic cards and transmit all information digitally, reducing opportunities for tampering. Enjoy a streamlined plug-and-play payroll interface that lets you monitor attendance over the Web and tailor settings to different departments.

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