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Toshiba Encore 2 8-Inch Windows Tablet, 32GB (WT8-B32CN)Toshiba Encore 2 8-Inch Windows Tablet, 32GB (WT8-B32CN)
Out of Stock
Item #1103528
Model #WT8-B32CN
  • Intel Atom 1.83GHz processor running Windows 8.1
  • 32GB on-board memory storage with 1GB RAM for smooth multitasking
Toshiba Encore Mini 7-Inch Windows Tablet, 16GB (WT7-C16MS)Toshiba Encore Mini 7-Inch Windows Tablet, 16GB (WT7-C16MS)
Out of Stock
Item #1415574
Model #WT7-C16MS
  • Intel Atom 1.83GHz processor running Windows 8.1
  • 16GB on-board memory storage with 1GB RAM for smooth multitasking
Toshiba Excite Go Tablet, 7", 8GB, Satin GoldToshiba Excite Go Tablet, 7", 8GB, Satin Gold
Out of Stock
Item #1416383
Model #AT7-C8
  • Intel Atom processor Z3735G (2MB cache, up to 1.83 GHz)
  • Android 4.4, KitKat
With a tablet, professionals can make the most of every free minute with on-the-go work. Toshiba tablets are designed to meet professional and personal needs. Check out Staples® listings to find the ideal Toshiba tablet for any lifestyle.

Maximize Creativity with Toshiba Tablets
Several Toshiba devices blur the line between technology and paper. The dynaPad™ line works with the Toshiba TruPen™, which utilizes Wacom® Feel technology. This feature offers the same attention to detail and precision that users expect from pen and paper, allowing ideas to flow freely. The battery-powered pen lasts for more than 1,000 hours on one battery charge, minimizing users' need for charging cords. This family of tablets is optimal for those who spend their work hours or downtime creating. A family of apps streamline the processes of creating art, taking notes, managing notebooks, and brainstorming. Within each app, send drawings, lists, or notes to friends and colleagues.

Toshiba Tablets Offer On-the-Go Business Productivity
Business Toshiba devices combine in-demand business features and programs to keep professionals connected at all times. Large screens give you a simple way to share ideas and notes during meetings or work sessions, while the touchscreen permits users to jump between apps with virtually no latency. Toshiba business tablets use the Windows® operating system, providing a straightforward way to sync data and files with a desktop or laptop. The high-speed dual-core processor is capable of running multiple apps in the background, keeping everything you need just a click or swipe away.

High-Definition Screens Accommodate Work and Play on Toshiba Tablets
Toshiba utilizes high-definition screens to maximize image and video quality. At work, get every detail right on presentations and projects with the detail-oriented screen and zoom features. While using the Toshiba TruPen to write or draw, zoom in on specific parts of your work and customize every pixel. Every detail of games and videos come to life during downtime, creating an immersive viewing environment.

Are Smaller Toshiba Tablets Available?
In addition to business and pen-equipped tablet lines, Toshiba has many tablets that offer the convenience of smaller devices. These models measure between 7 and 10 inches in screen size. With speedy processors, they provide immediate access to apps, streaming video services, and games. Models range from 8GB to 32GB of storage.

Do Toshiba Tablets Work With Keyboards and Other Accessories?
Customize any task with a Toshiba tablet. Devices are fitted with several ports to provide access to keyboards, memory cards, and other accessories. Most models have a microSD slot, Micro HDMI ports, and Micro USB ports.

What Features Do Toshiba Tablets Offer?
Each Toshiba model brings special features to the table, accommodating different preferences and priorities. With the TruRecorder™ app on the DynaPad line, users record classes or meetings while taking written notes. The Windows operating system used on Toshiba devices provides various ways to access apps, including voice control and gesture control. Toshiba uses magnesium casing on its business tablets, protecting devices from daily wear and tear. Tablets last as long as 9.1 hours on one charge.