Games, Puzzles & Toys

Open kids' minds to the possibilities of the future when you encourage them with role-playing toys and fun costumes. Help them tell stories and learn basic skills through playing with educational toys, puzzles, dolls, and puppets. Increase small motor skills through the use of manipulatives.

Encourage Role Playing
Role playing and dress-up clothes let kids imagine their own futures as doctors, ballerinas, construction workers, chefs, or superheroes. Choose from a wide array of dolls of all ethnicities and anatomically correct baby dolls which help children develop their nurturing instinct; you'll find all the doll clothes, dollhouses, and accoutrements such as doll strollers available as well. Detailed play kitchens complete with pots, pans, utensils, and dishes let kids start to envision themselves taking over adult responsibilities.

Set Imagination Free
Puppet sets and puppet theaters open up hours of creative play by letting kids create their own stories and act them out with the emotional safety and fun a puppet provides. Stimulate learning with a large variety of educational toys including puzzles, magnetic numbers and shapes, and mazes. Ride-on cars, go-karts, and remote control helicopters let them imagine a world where they can move fast and soar high.

Foster Small Motor Skills
Let kids build anything they can dream up, even as they hone their small motor skills and hand-eye coordination through playing with blocks, beading, building cubes, magnet-based manipulatives, and nesting cups. Widen kids' points of view when you give them building sets that show them how people live in other parts of the world. Tap into another vital area of your students' brains when you hand them musical instruments, plus all the headphones, microphones, and accessories they need to spur on their musical imaginations.