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Pair your lighting with the right transformer to lower the voltage and reduce your electric use while showcasing optimum light. Select from a variety of transformers suited for use indoors or outdoors, even underwater. Perfect your lighting design more efficiently and for less.

Long Lifespan
Many electronic transformers have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years, and magnetic transformers can range from 10 all the way to 25 years. A transformer can easily pay for itself through the energy saved over its lifetime. Many transforms have a metal construction with a stainless steel finish for maximum durability.

Crisp, White Light
Using transformers in conjunction with low-voltage lighting produces cleaner, crisper light than typical higher voltage bulbs. Bathe your home, office or storefront in crisp white light to highlight your design or products and to illuminate your path.

Surface Mount
Compact and cost-efficient surface mount transformers are mounted to the ceiling or wall directly with the light source to best correspond with your lighting design and to minimize the amount of space used. The transformer essentially serves as the light fixture itself, so there is no need to worry about coordinating several different lighting elements. Surface mount transformers come in many sizes and designs so that customers can find the perfect look.

Remote Mount
Use remote-mounted transformers for beautiful track lighting. A remote-mounted transformer can be installed out of sight while still protecting your lighting system from shorts and maximizing efficiency. Use track lighting with remote mount transformers to highlight your products or with a dimmer to help set the right tone for your customers.

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