Electrical Components, Power Strips & Cords

Keep some of these electrical components, power strips, and cords on hand to meet your power needs. These materials are easy to use, so anyone can install them with minimal or no prior experience. Many of these are also compact enough to store in small drawers or closets without sacrificing space.

Power Strips
Power strips expand the use of each outlet, so you can plug in multiple cords with a single outlet. They are ideal for computers and electronic-heavy businesses that use more plugs than outlets in an area. Power strips often include surge protection that prevents power surges from damaging your electronics during storms and outages.

Extension Cords
Extension cords are a good choice for sprawling offices with inconveniently placed outlets. Connect one end to your preferred outlet to get power to distant electronics, or use them outside to light late-evening gatherings or dim venues. These long cables are also useful for stage shows that require electronics during the performance.

Emergency Lighting
Add emergency lighting to your traffic safety collection to ensure things move smoothly in parking lots and construction areas. These lights easily illuminate the area, and since some use battery power, they can be used even when the electricity is out to create a safe environment for working or evacuating an area.

Replace broken plugs with these electrical components, or use one to connect two power cords to extend your reach. Some options let you switch between male and female ends to add further flexibility to your setup. Included in this group are grounding plugs that help protect your electronics during use.