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Treadmill desks and bike workstations are a desk concept that allows professionals to exercise while working. Hours spent sitting at a desk can be detrimental to health, so anyone who is required to spend their workday sitting at their desk should consider investing in one. Staples offers a variety of treadmill desks and bike workstations to help users maintain or improve their health while staying productive. Browse Staples to find furniture to pair them these units to complete the office space. Start burning calories while working on the clock with a treadmill desk or bike workstation.

Treadmill desk and bike workstation dimensions
When most people think of a treadmill or exercise bike, they picture large and heavy machines that take up a large amount of space. This is not the case with many kinds of treadmill desks and bike workstations, so those with limited office space can easily find one that fits their space. Not only do treadmill desks and bike workstations fill a variety of spaces, but they fit all sizes of people too. Some of these desks and bikes accommodate anyone between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 8 inches tall and can hold users who weigh up to 400 pounds.

Features of treadmill desks and bike workstations 
Treadmill desks and bike workstations can serve many of the same functions as traditional treadmills and exercise bikes. Most feature built-in workout monitor tracking for tracking distance, speed, scan function, and calories during and after workouts. Other features include an adjustable work desk prop that lets the user adjust their papers, book, or laptop easily for the most comfortable position. Move the desk forward, backward, up, and down to find your sweet spot.

Are treadmill desks and bike workstations distracting?
Both treadmill desks and bike workstations make little to no noise, allowing your office mates to make phone calls and carry on conversations easily. These desks all have settings that allow the user to adjust the motor and intensity so it runs even quieter. The treadmill desk or bike workstation won’t distract you, either. As you start working, you quickly forget that you’re even on an exercise bike or treadmill and become immersed in your work per usual.

Do electronic devices fit within a treadmill desk or bike workstation?
Your laptop, phone, tablet, or other electronic device work well with treadmill desks’ innovative cable management systems. Some even include USB ports to charge your phone or tablet directly to the desk and ethernet ports for those who need the fastest possible internet speed. These features ensure all cables stay organized to prevent tripping and injury.

Are treadmill desks and bike workstations comfortable?
Yes, but you may feel some discomfort because of muscle soreness from all the miles you walked or biked. Features like 1-inch-thick laminate, high-density composite board desktops, textured pedals, and cushioned seats will make you never want to leave your desk. The health benefits provided by using a treadmill desk or workstation bike make you much more comfortable in life in addition to work as well.
Loctek Flexispot Deskcise Pro Exercise Workstation, White (V9)Loctek Flexispot Deskcise Pro Exercise Workstation, White (V9)
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