Treadmill Desks

Get ready to burn three to five times more calories at the office while working at your computer. With a treadmill desk, this becomes a daily reality. Use a walking desk to get off your chair and up on those feet. This kind of specialized desk may aid in both productivity and overall workplace wellness. Staples® offers a variety of walking desks and standing desks to enable users to maintain or improve their health while staying productive.

A Treadmill Desk Meets Different Needs
Workspace height of a moving desk adjusts in most models to accommodate workers from 4 feet 10 inches all the way to 6 feet 8 inches. Depending on the model selected, walking speeds range from 0.04 to 4 miles per hour, and walking tracks range from 18 (w) x 52 (l) inches to 20 (w) x 50 (l) inches. Many models support weights up to 300 and 400 pounds on the treadmills themselves, depending on the size of the motor, and most offer either a 2 or 4-horsepower motor for smooth, quiet, and durable power.

A Treadmill Desk Built for Safety
Many models of these moving desks have extra-wide foot rails and padded armrests for both safety and comfort. Most have buttons to pause the treadmills or may make use of technology that automatically stops the machines when the users step off. Deck support in many models cushions walking impact to protect knees and other joints from injury, while also reducing noise. Other machines provide stand-along desks that fit over the treadmills, so there is no movement transferred to the walking desks.

A Treadmill Desk Makes Fitness Tracking Convenient
Some models of the treadmill desks may be Bluetooth®-enabled, which allows users to sync walking to other fitness applications. Others offer LED panels to show statistics such as walking time, number of steps, distance walked, calories burned, and walking speed, allowing users to keep track of their fitness goals. Some machines have built-in desktop controls, making it simple to adjust the speed, pause the treadmills, or turn alerts on or off.

Is a Treadmill Desk Sturdy and Comfortable for Productive Work?
Features like 1-inch-thick laminate, high-density composite board desktops, nonslip rails, and powdered steel frames make these moving desks stable and sturdy enough for users to get their work done while completing a light working out. Padded armrests on some models add to the comfort level, further allowing the users to be productive.

How Do Electronics Fit Within a Treadmill Desk?
These desks come with cable management systems. Some even include integrated connectivity panels that allow users to connect to the electrical power, USB docks, and Ethernet network cables. Desktops are large enough to allow comfortable writing or to hold laptops.

Is a Treadmill Desk Distracting?
Continuous-duty motors make the specialized desks quiet enough for users to talk on phones or to one another as they would when sitting at traditional work desks. As many as six shock absorbers in the desks also dampen sound as users walk on the treadmills. Many models also allow users to silence alerts, beeps, and other sounds to avoid disturbing their coworkers.