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Tweezers & Scissors

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Medical Scissors
Tweezers and scissors from brands such as First Aid Only, Mabis, and Medline ensure readiness for an array of medical situations. Whether extracting a splinter, cutting away a bandage, or removing clothing from an injured person, these useful tools make sure you're equipped for the job.

Tweezers assist in many emergency situations, including extracting splinters from under the skin, removing ticks, and cleaning objects from lacerations. High-quality stainless steel material keeps all skin types safe from irritation and infection. Choose tweezers that also come with textured handles to ensure a solid grip during use, as well as sharp, angled tips that allow you to extract stray objects with minimal discomfort to the subject.

Much like tweezers, scissors have numerous uses in medical situations. They're great for removing bandages and medical gauze, as their unique design lifts the bandage from the skin before cutting to ensure maximal safety and minimal skin irritation. When you need to administer medicine, these scissors can precisely cut open the packaging safely, ensuring that no valuable medicine is lost or compromised. Keep a pen light in your first aid kit for when you have to use medical scissors for emergencies at night or where lighting is dim.

Medical Shears
The most common use for medical shears is to cut clothing off an injured person safely and quickly. Although similar in design to medical scissors, shears are larger and capable of cutting through thicker and tougher material. Their serrated blades, angled at 150 degrees, cut through tough fabrics like leather, denim, and even car seat belts. Large, plastic handles ensure that you maintain a confident grip and maximal comfort while employing medical shears in an emergency situation.