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S&S® Quilted White Underpad, 29" X 35"
Item #13898
Model #10490
  • Size: 29" X 35"
  • Material: Cotton
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Undercast padding protects furniture from incontinence accidents with absorbent materials that can be disposed of or washed for reuse. The materials wick away moisture and are ideal for hard casting. Choose from a variety of materials such as woven cotton or polyester materials that stay put.

Moisture Absorbent
Undercast padding has moisture-wicking properties that keep the interior of a cast or hard-to-clean furniture dry. The cotton or polyester materials wick away moisture from sweat and other bodily fluids to keep the area dry at all times. The rolls of absorbent material quickly wrap around the patient for a secure hold that keeps the skin dry while the injury heals.

Optimal Comfortability
The secure, soft, and comfortable undercast padding relieves patients of discomfort caused by skin chaffing or rubbing against hard casting materials. Cotton materials make the cast easy to wear and do not add excessive weight to the cast. Choose a low-linting cotton undercast padding that eases the wear of a cast for lengthy periods.

Reusable Options
Reusable cotton undercast padding is perfect for chairs, gurneys, or hospital beds, as it protects the furniture from accidents involving bodily fluids. Many reusable paddings are machine washable and can hold several ounces of liquid within the super-absorbent pads. You can save time by investing in reusable cotton undercast pads that feature waterproof backs as well.

Hygienic Safety
Whether you are looking to protect your office furniture or provide a patient with a moisture-free casting environment, there are plenty of padding choices that keep everybody safe. Choose from sterile or non-sterile padding that is latex-free and designed to keep germs away from the skin.