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Verbatim USB Flash Drives

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With a Verbatim® flash drive, keeping information readily accessible is simple. Easy to use and with a portable design, they are ideal for use in the home, business, or classroom. With the right one, you can store and transfer your files from almost anywhere. Staples® has a variety of flash drives, all with different features and with different capacities to meet your data storage needs.

A Verbatim Flash Drive For More Than Just Storage
While mainly intended for storage and transfer of files, many flash drives can do much more. Some allow the running of portable applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird so users can access them on the go. A Verbatim USB flash drive can also boot an entire operating system if stored on the device. Another option is using the drive to create a password reset program. This comes in handy if users forget the password to their Windows account and do not have access to the password reset disc.

Verbatim Flash Drives Loaded With Features
Verbatim flash drives have different features depending on the model. Some have retractable USB connectors while others have a cap to protect the internal components. There are even models equipped with microUSB adapters making it possible to transfer files to and from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With a Verbatim car audio flash drive, users can take their favorite music with them. This version has a low-profile design that connects to a USB-equipped audio player, allowing access to a digital music collection. Other features include backup support and water resistance.

Verbatim Flash Drives Offer Function and Style
With a wide variety of Verbatim flash drive styles to choose from, there is one to meet every need and personal preference. For the sports fan, a football or basketball-themed model is ideal as these provide basic storage and in a fun, convenient package. When wanting a professional look, a metal executive version does the trick. These have a high-quality enclosure and offer a storage solution for business use. Thumb drives shaped like characters or food stand out for those who enjoy a touch of whimsey. Another option is one that resembles a paper clip. These clip onto belts, pockets, or bags so they are always readily available.

What Type of Security Do Flash Drives Feature?
Many flash drives offer pre-installed security to protect sensitive files. If you need a higher level of protection, a model that offers fingerprint recognition or built-in hacking protection is the right choice. A few versions even feature a physical keypad on the side for entering a password.

What Is the Difference Between a USB 2.0 and a 3.0 Flash Drive?
A USB 2.0 flash drive offers speeds of up to 480Mbps while a 3.0 has speeds of up to 4.8Gbps. The 2.0 works well for transferring music, photos, and documents while the 3.0 can handle moving large files, videos, and movies at a fast rate. Most 3.0 options are backward compatible with 2.0 ports.

What Operating Systems Are Verbatim Flash Drives Compatible With?
The type of operating system a flash drive works with depends on the exact model. Some only work with Windows operating systems, while others work with only MAC or Apple products. Ones made for use with Apple products typically come with a lightning connector.
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