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W-2 Tax Forms

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Federal law requires every employer in the United States to issue a W-2 tax form to each employee annually. These forms must be in the employees' hands before January 31, so they can file their tax returns on time. Printing W-2 tax forms in-house from a stack of formatted blanks helps employers stay within the law and accurately report earnings in a clear, federally recognized format that eliminates ambiguity for workers who may not otherwise have what they need to file.

W-2 Tax Forms Comply With Federal Law
Every person who works in the United States and earns more than a few thousand dollars from wages must file a tax return each year to ensure the accuracy of his or her tax status. To do that, the person must have a clear report of earnings, which is what the W-2 is. These tax forms have all the federally mandated fields for reporting wages earned and withheld, as well as the codes and other information that identifies the employer and makes tracking possible for the IRS.

W-2 Tax Forms Are Easy to Use
These tax forms are simple to fill out and to print in large numbers. With a standardized layout and large, easy-to-fill blank spaces, they are compatible with almost any printer and ideal for a modern office that uses a standard computer template for payroll reporting. Available in stacks of less than a dozen and up into the hundreds per package, these bundles help the smallest of offices and the largest of corporations alike.

Print W-2 Tax Forms In the Office
Printing W-2s in the office saves time and money, and it greatly simplifies paperwork during tax season. By stacking the necessary number of preprinted tax forms in the HR or finance department's printer tray and running off copies for the whole team, savvy, do-it-yourself companies can avoid the hassle and expense of contracting with an outside accounting firm. Printing W-2s in a batch also ensures regularity and a uniform quality for each form.

Who Needs W-2 Tax Forms?
Because almost every wage earner in the United States must annually file a 1040 (or equivalent) form with the IRS, almost every employer must print and deliver a W-2 created from a CPA, accountant, or some type of certified tax software. Small businesses, foreign-based employers, and government agencies all must issue W-2s to their U.S.-based workforces.

What Information Goes Onto W-2 Tax Forms?
These forms contain a wealth of information the employee needs to file an accurate return. The name, ID number, and mailing address of the employer go in the top-left part of the form, with the employee's information below. To the right are designated spaces for reporting wages, tips, and other income. This section also lists the amount of taxes withheld throughout the previous year.

What Do Employees Do With W-2 Tax Forms?
Once the forms arrive, the employee is free to file a 1040 form with the IRS. That form has fields for entering information that the taxpayer can get only from a W-2, so the employee usually copies the information directly to the 1040 and files state and federal taxes for the year. Staples carries a variety of tax return supplies, including 1099 tax forms,
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