Office Partitions & Dividers

Give employees the space they need with Wall Panel Systems that carve out personalized workspaces. Move around freestanding screens as needed, and use desktop panels to create a workstation out of virtually any table or desk. The panels reduce noise and help employees focus their attention.

Maximize Office Space
Using wall panel systems to break a large room into several smaller cubicles allows you to accommodate more employees in a particular space, eliminating the need for a larger, more expensive property. Workstations that are semi-enclosed allow you to monitor several employees at once.

Enhance Productivity
Phone calls and computer sounds from nearby workstations can be distracting for employees. Wall panel systems reduce surrounding noise and create a visual barrier that keeps workers' attention on their own tasks. Add panel hardware and accessories to cubicles so that employees can track deadlines and post important instructions.

Flexible Options
Many sizes, styles, and colors provide an option for any office. Some panel systems provide a padded surface for tacking up notices, and others have built-in acoustic barriers. Choose panels with adjustable levelers for surfaces that are uneven. Panels are available as small desktop privacy screens or freestanding, full-size barriers.

Wall panel systems can be moved around the office as your needs change. Create small workspaces for employees who only need a phone and a computer, or use the panels to form a larger workstation for a supervisor or for employees who work as a team. When your business grows and you add more employees, you can use the panels to reconfigure your existing space.