Western Digital Internal Hard Drives

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Save, store, and backup files on Western Digital® internal hard drives. These drives work with both Windows® and Mac® computers to provide extensive storage space and extra room for running memory-hungry applications. Use one on its own to get the most out of an office desktop, or keep it as a backup for the whole department's files and in-progress work. Put two, three, or four drives together in a single server to run fast, secure operations with a fully customizable RAID package.

Making Backups With Western Digital Internal Hard Drives
Losing work in progress can be costly for a business built on accuracy and timeliness. Use Western Digital internal hard drives to back up all the computers in a division so that, no matter what happens, the team never loses more than a single day's work.

Purpose-Built Western Digital Internal Hard Drives
In addition to generalized drives that work well in nearly any machine, Western Digital drives are available with specialized software packages to fit specific niches. Black drives, for example, are flash-disk hybrids that run up to 15 percent faster than most other drives and are an ideal choice for gaming computers. Purple drives use sophisticated AllFrame technology to record HD video from a surveillance system. WD Green drives were originally designed to run cool and quiet, which made them a good choice for data centers and energy-conscious offices. These drives still exist but have been merged into the larger Blue line of general office machines. Red drives are designed specifically for NAS environments, they have an extra-powerful cooling system and offer reliable performance when connected with multiple other drives in a single server configuration.

Western Digital Internal Hard Drives Offer Robust RAID Protection
Keep web servers up and running with multiple Western Digital internal hard drives. Set three of the Red drives, with their quiet, continuous functionality without overheating, to work together and keep a fourth as a backup drive. As an alternative, expand the machine's basic capacity by running all four drives independently. If one drive overheats, simply slide it out and replace it with a new one without losing valuable client data.

How Are Western Digital Internal Hard Drives Used?
Internal hard drives are the ideal storage units for documents, files, and computer applications. They can be used in home or business computers for additional storage, as a replacement main drive to hold the operating system and other programs, and in backup computers or web servers running multiple drives at once.

How Much Space Do Western Digital Internal Hard Drives Provide?
These drives cover a range of sizes, from 500GB to 10TB. Which one is right depends on how much data you need to store, how much writing versus reading it requires, and the depth and complexity of the programs on the drive.

Is It Difficult to Install Western Digital Internal Hard Drives?
Western Digital drives are no more difficult to install than any other hard drives. Depending on the model, swapping drives is possible on the fly, for an active web server, or with a few minutes of work on an employee's desktop computer.