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Assist clients in overcoming medical obstacles with mobility aids. Wheelchairs and walkers allow users to take control of daily obligations and foster rehabilitation during short-term limitations. Find long-lasting mobility equipment that provides reliable, day-to-day support in various settings.

Heavy-Duty Construction for Stability
Clients need assurance that their mobility aids can stand up to daily handling and outdoor conditions. Buy equipment made with durable metal frames and reinforced support bars that resist deterioration and won't buckle under pressure. Products with high weight capacities let you accommodate clients of all sizes.

Adaptable to Diverse Health Needs
Whether clients are recovering from surgery or have chronic disabilities, mobility aids help them adapt to their environments and remain as physically functional as possible. Wheeled products let clients with little or no mobility maneuver indoors and outdoors with user-controlled steering and braking features. Supportive walkers, canes, and rollators expand motion capabilities while relieving pressure on vulnerable body areas.

Convenience- and Safety-Oriented Designs
Streamlined features, ranging from foldable frames to adjustable sizing, enable users of all ability levels to seamlessly integrate mobility equipment into their daily lives. Products with built-in storage pockets or racks provide space to carry essential belongings or medications, Provide equipment with safety-conscious design, such as nonslip hand grips and adjustable footrests, to prevent debilitating accidents.

Promote Timely Maintenance
Stock maintenance equipment to take care of broken or damaged parts when occasional wear and tear occurs. Replacement tips are easy to add or remove to restore the traction on wheelchair and walker feet, preventing slips and falls. Buy add-on storage or convenience features to improve functionality and customize equipment to a user's needs.

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Add to cart Guardian Signature™ Non-folding Walker, Pediatric, 15 1/2" - 20 1/2" H
Add to cart Guardian® Crutch Tip, Gray, 8/Pack
Add to cart Guardian® Brake Kit, Compatible with MDS86810 Rollator, 2/Pack
Add to cart Medline Desk Length Armrest Pad, Black, Non Bariatric, Recliner K3 and K4 Wheelchair Compatible
Add to cart Guardian® Replacement Forearm Crutch Cuff, Black
Add to cart Medline Walker Clamp Assembly, Non Bariatric, Platform Attachment Compatible
Add to cart Medline® 3-in-one Two-Button Adult Stand-Assist Walker With Bag, 32" - 38", 2/Pack
Add to cart Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair Fixed Full Arms 19" Seat (TR39E-SV)
Add to cart Medline Wheelchair One Arm Drive Attachment, Bariatric, Excel K4 Wheelchair Compatible
Add to cart Briggs Healthcare Walker-Cane-Commode Replacement Tips Gray