Wheels & Casters for Moving Furniture

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Diversified WoodcraftsJOBOX
4 in6 in
BOTH Plastic Casters 4"H x 5"W x 4"D
Item #1004057
Model #100709X4
  • Dimensions: 4"H x 5"W x 4"D
  • Assembly: Some Assembly Required
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Jobox® 2 Fixed 2 Swivel Heavy Duty Casters
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Item #SS1067558
  • Available Wheel Diameters: 4-inch and 6-inch
  • Type: Heavy duty, 2 fixed, 2 swivel
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Take the pain out of furniture moving with these convenient wheels and casters. Each one allows you to move a large item without support, so you can reorganize a room without finding help. Choose the best wheels for your home or office from brands such as Jobox and Diversified Woodcrafts.

Durable Materials
Manufactured from the highest-quality materials, these wheels and casters support the weight of your furniture without bending. Choose plastic casters for lightweight tables and computer desks, or install heavy-duty models on larger items.

Secure Installation
With these wheels and casters, installation is easy; each one comes with a simple mounting solution. For semipermanent use, look for casters featuring built-in metal mounting plates that screw directly to the base of your furniture. Alternatively, seek out casters that slide into place without tools and adjust quickly to meet the demands of your workspace. Other wheels are designed for specific furniture models to ensure accurate balance and performance.

Smooth Movement
These wheels and casters are engineered to roll easily across the floor without causing scratches, so you can even use them safely in a leased office space. The caster frames hold the wheels in place without obstructing movement to ensure a smooth ride. In a heavy-use office environment, choose carts and stands with built-in casters for maximum stability and longevity.

Convenient Sizes
Wheels and casters come in a variety of sizes to suit your space. Large wheels provide more support for heavy items and move smoothly over uneven terrain. Smaller wheels are easier to maneuver, while swiveling models adjust immediately to quick turns and directional shifts.