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JanSport City View Remix Backpack, Solid, White (JS0A47LU7D5)JanSport City View Remix Backpack, Solid, White (JS0A47LU7D5)
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Item #24430398
Model #JS0A47LU7D5
  • Backpack designed for long-lasting durability and featuring plenty of space for laptop and much more
  • Made of white fabric with premium synthetic leather bottom and trims
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Jansport Superbreak Backpack, Multi California PoppyJansport Superbreak Backpack, Multi California Poppy
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Item #2091675
Model #T5010K8
  • Color: white with California poppy artwork
  • Material: 600 denier polyester
White backpacks let you stand out in the crowd. They offer a bold, bright style statement on their own, or they can provide a high-contrast background canvas for a variety of bright or interesting patterns, including floral, geometric, artistic, and even cinematic. They suit all types of backpack users, including commuters and shoppers, but they appeal particularly to students and even little ones.

New White Backpacks For Everyone

Backpacks in solid white or white-background with colorful patterns consist of rugged, durable, natural or synthetic fabrics. Many of the backpacks are made of high-density polyester weaves. Synthetic polyester is UV-resistant, resists the build-up of mildew and mold, and repels moisture, so it's designed for outdoor use. A natural fabric with similar qualities to polyester is 100 percent cotton canvas, one of the original backpack fabrics. Besides its resistance to the elements, cotton canvas is also breathable, meaning that inside odors, such as from carrying fruit for snacking, wick away from the fabric. Another synthetic backpack material is nylon. It's lightweight with high tensile strength, so it resists tearing. It also dries extremely quickly when exposed to excess moisture.

White Backpacks Have a Lot of Storage Compartments
The purpose of white rolling backpacks is to help you get a lot of different materials from one place to another conveniently and to stay organized in the process. White backpacks have all the necessary compartments to give you the space and place for all the stuff you have to carry around with you daily. Most have one or two large main storage areas, normally for books, notepads, and other hefty items. Many of the two-compartment backpacks have one compartment dedicated for a laptop, and it has a foam or textured lining to protect the laptop from bumps and bangs. Backpacks also have multiple outside and inside utility pockets of different sizes, with protective snap-button or Velcro® flaps or zippered or drawstring closures. Zippered inside sleeves are particularly useful for holding valuable objects like cellphones, wallets, and jewelry. Side mesh or stretch pockets are available for carrying water bottles or containers.

Are Solid-White Backpacks Available?
Although many popular backpacks in white fabrics feature different patterns, including motifs from popular media releases like "Star Wars," other school backpacks come in solid white fabric. These backpacks often have edge and bottom trim stitching in contrast colors, to give them a stylish accent.

What Are Some of the Comfort Features of White Backpacks?
White backpacks have shoulder straps to distribute the weight of the pack while you carry it. Straps come in straight-cut, S-curve, or sling-style designs. These designs are made as comfortable as possible, using fabric overlays and padding to keep the straps from digging into the shoulders while the backpack is carried. Many of the straps have added cushioning with EVA foam. Some laptop backpacks also come with a front sternum strap to give the back extra stability against the body, and many have a padded exterior where the backpack meets the shoulders and upper back.

How Can You Keep a White Backpack Clean?
All backpacks come with fabric-specific care instructions, including washing and cleaning guidelines. Just like polyester, nylon, or cotton clothing, most backpacks are machine washable. You might have to use a gentle laundry product, depending on the care instructions, but most stains and dirt can be removed in the washing machine. All wet backpacks, whether from cleaning or the elements, should be air-dried on the line to prevent shrinkage, puckering, and wrinkling. With their stylish features, convenience, and cleanability, these white backpacks are the perfect addition to any school supplies list.