Wood Bulletin Boards & Signs

Bulletin boards provide teachers and businesses with a way to share information with students and employees. Wood bulletin boards come in different styles and sizes that ensure plenty of space and provide durability that lasts through frequent changes. Staples® carries a range of bulletin boards in various sizes and colors that fit the needs of most users.

Consider Wood Bulletin Board Sizes
Notice boards come in different sizes that work for cubicles, single-person offices, and large meeting rooms. A 24 x 18-inch dry erase board provides optimal space for posting lesson plans and upcoming event notices. Large 36 x 24-inch styles offer plenty of space for creating themed boards for different seasons and quarters. Place 72 x 36-inch models at eye level in hallways, conference rooms, and classrooms and make sure passersby notice important information. There are small 12 x 12-inch units that let users post reminders and important phone numbers near desks for quick reference.

Discover Specialized Wood Bulletin Boards
There are wood display boards with chalkboards that let you post menu items, specials, and other information that changes daily. The folding design makes storage easy and reduces the need for using nails and screws for hanging. Consider folding bulletin boards with three panels for presentations and providing information for different groups and teams in the same location. Enclosed bulletin boards have locking doors over the panels. Use these styles for displaying awards and special recognition information. Locking message clipboards provide a simple solution for keeping important information available and safe from damage.

What Backing Materials Are Available on Wood Bulletin Boards?
Bulletin boards come with versatile backing materials that protect the appearance and durability over time. Cork, rubber, and foam boards let users attach information with pins, then the self-healing material minimizes the appearance of holes after removal. Magnetic boards eliminate the need for pins and staples and make adding information quick and simple. Vinyl-backed boards provide a weather-resistant surface that withstands the elements for use outdoors. Consider vinyl models in school or organizational colors for creating eye-catching displays. Fabric backing provides a professional look that maintains its appearance after years of hanging information with pins and staples.

Are There Wood Bulletin Boards That Don't Require Staples, Pins or Magnets?
Electro-adhesion boards rely on static, keeping papers and other materials in place on polymer-based surfaces. Whiteboards let users write messages and information using erasable markers. These styles work well in classroom and conference environments, and many include magnetic properties for hanging additional information and printouts.

Do Wood Bulletin Boards Come Multi-Surface Designs?
There are bulletin boards with wood frames that combine multiple surfaces for increased usability. Styles with half cork and half whiteboard let users post notices and write in important information. Use boards with a magnetic side for hanging awards and certificates that you don't want to damage with pins, then use the side with cork or other backing for frequently replaced items. Use boards that combine a chalkboard with cork for posting messages or creating themed presentations and quotes in classrooms. Add a new wood bulletin board to your school supplies list or office supplies order. 

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