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Preparing for college and the next phase of learning is easier with the right college school supplies. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a graduating senior, finding the right school supplies is an essential part of being prepared for classes, studying, and the college lifestyle. Look for electronics and accessories, paper products, writing utensils, and backpacks at Staples®.

Choosing the Right College Supplies
Keep a busy schedule organized with academic day planners. Look for popular options from At-A-Glance®, Blueline®, and House of Doolittle® to help manage time. A durable laptop, bag, and accessories are musts for students who commute. For those who take classes online, an ergonomic desk and office chair provide a comfortable work space.

Must Have College Essentials
Conduct research, store files, and stay connected on the go with a Wi-Fi® enabled laptop. Look for popular brands such as Dell®, HP Pavilion®, and Lenovo®. Students working with visual mediums may prefer the high resolution of stationary desktop computers with flat-screen monitors. All-in-one printers let students scan documents, fax assignments, and print copies with a single compact machine, conveniently sized for a dorm room.

College notebooks and writing utensils are still considered student essentials. Cynthia Rowley®, Five Star®, and Staples all offer notebooks with helpful features such as plastic fronts, pocket pages, and perforated edges. Keep track of important information with adhesive page markers. Carry plenty of pens and pencils for note-taking, and stay organized with color-coded binders.

Carrying and Transporting School Supplies
Getting from home to class to work can be easy with the right backpack or rucksack. Look for features that suit specific needs such as exterior pockets, interior zippered compartments, adjustable straps, and padding. For those who have a lot to carry or who cycle to class, a messenger bag offers style and comfort. Look for handy features such as stabilizing straps, multiple pockets, and the ability to attach phones, lights, or U-locks. Popular brands include Mobile Edge, SumacLife®, and Vangoddy Italey®.

What are Some Small College Essentials That Can Make a Big Difference?
Headphones will maintain privacy and prevent distracting surrounding people. They're available with or without an inline microphone, in full and minimal coverage designs, and folding capabilities for easy transporting.

Another important item to consider is a USB drive. A thumb drive holds information and saves important documents in case a backup copy is needed. Drives are available with a memory capacity from 8 gigabytes to 8 terabytes of data. Look for popular brands like Lexar® and Verbatim®.

What are Some Features of College Notebooks?
Some students prefer to keep all class information in one notebook. If that's the case, look for ones with 3 to 5 separated subject sections. One-subject notebooks are handy for those who like to keep each class separate. Some college notebooks feature interior pockets to store loose papers, a syllabus, and assignments. Perforated sheet edges allow students to neatly remove pages, while non-perforated pages keep notes and assignments secure.

How Many USB Drives are Necessary?
The number of USB drives a student needs depends on how they prefer to keep data and information. Some opt for USB drives with smaller memory capacity, and purchase one for every class. Many feature bright colors, which gives students the ability to color-code. Students who take online courses will benefit from a larger capacity USB drive that allows them to store everything on one drive.

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