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Whether you're a freshman or preparing for your final year, there's a whole range of college supplies that you just can't manage without. From scholarly essentials like stationery, laptops and all the latest gadgets, to items for the dorm room like bed linen and kitchenware, heading off to college requires students to obtain an array of items in preparation for the school year. Thankfully, Staples makes the process fast and simple, with all the necessary school supplies and things to turn a dorm into a comfortable home.

Choose College Supplies That Consist of Electronics for Work and Play

In the digital age, not many people can get through school or daily life without electronics. Laptops and ultrabooks ensure portability and convenience, putting them at the top of the list. Two-in-one devices have full keyboards and function as laptops for easy typing, browsing, and gaming. When space is at a premium or users need more mobility, these smart devices uncouple from their keyboards and function as tablets. These essential supplies range from budget-friendly models that cover the basics to computing powerhouses with all the whistles and bells. When it's time to relax, a desktop, laptop or tablet easily replaces TVs, game consoles, and stereo systems. USB flash drives or external storage drives are essential items, serving as backup devices and ways of sharing files without the cloud.

College Supplies Include Paper, Digital, and Other Materials

There are times when electronics aren't suitable, so every student needs a good selection of paper. Some people find that revision goes best when they take a pen and write out the information and color-code it with highlighters, rather than staring at a screen. Some classes don't allow electronics and require students to take notes the old fashioned way. Mechanical pencils and high-quality fine liners are solid options for graphic design, engineering or architecture students who require a high degree of precision from their stationery. Highlighters, colored pencils, paper, scissors, tape and post-its are among the basic necessary supplies for college that every student needs.

Purchase Plenty of Storage for Easy Organization

Staying organized with the right storage is the best way to stay sharp when living the college life. Keep papers and documents tidy, close at hand, and easily identifiable with school supplies for college such as binders, project folders or hanging files. Store heavy textbooks on durable book shelves when not in use, and organize dorm supplies, projects, crafts, bed linens and clothing in plastic storage totes that keep things tidy but accessible. Roll carts and organization systems that mount to the wall make the most of vertical space, keeping clutter to a minimum and maximizing storage space.

Buy Practical, Comfortable Dorm Decore and College Supplies

A fully stocked dorm room or off-campus abode ensures happy, productive students and helps stave off homesickness. Items like bed linens, pillows and rugs make stark dorm rooms cozy and practical. Desk lamps reduce eye strain and provide bright, focused light for tasks that require detail and precision. Ergonomic desk chairs offer comfortable working or playing conditions, even with extended use. Memo boards let roommates leave messages for one another and allow students to create visual to-do lists or plan out projects and ideas. No set of college supplies would be complete without a selection of posters and wall art that allow college-goers to express their personalities and give their living spaces a personal touch.

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