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Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, 10 Pads/Pack (654-10SSCY)
$ 10
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", Rio de Janeiro Collection, 5 Pads/Pack (654-5SSUC)
$ 5
Post-it® Pop-up Notes, 3" x 3", Marseille Collection, 12 Pads/Pack (R330-U-ALT)
$ 12
Post-it® Flags, 1/2" Wide and 1" Wide, Assorted Colors, 320 Flags/Pack (683-XL1)
$ 10
Post-it® Notes, 4" x 6", Cape Town Collection, Lined, 3 Pads/Pack (6603AN)
$ 8
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", Marrakesh Collection, Rio de Janeiro Collection, 15 Pads/Pack (654-15SSMULTI)
$ 10
Post-it® Pop-up Cat Dispenser
$ 8
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", Rio De Janeiro Collection, 24 Pads/Cabinet Pack (654-24SSAU-CP)
$ 29.99
Post-it® Notes, 3" x 3", Assorted Colors, 18 Pads/Pack (654-14+4YWB)
$ 19.99
Post-it® Pop-up Notes, 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, 12 Pads/Pack (R330-YW)
$ 18.99
Post-it® Notes, 3" x 3", Cape Town Collection, 5 Pads/Pack (654-5PK)
$ 8.99
Post-it® Notes, 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, 12 Pads/Pack (654-12YW)
$ 14.99
Post-it® Easel Pads, 25W" x 30H", White, 8/Pack
$ 174.99
Post-it® Notes, 1 1/2" x 2", Marseille Collection, 24 Pads/Pack (653-24APVAD)
$ 12.99
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 4" x 6", Canary Yellow, Lined, 5 Pads/Pack (660-5SSCY)
$ 16.99

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Post-it Brand Notes, Flags, Tabs, Easel Pads, and Dry Erase Surface provide the tools for efficient communication, easy organization, and engaged participation in meetings. Select the sizes, colors, and shapes you need to fit all your office tasks and projects, like reminders and brainstorming notes.

Everyday Organization

Post-it Notes are a must-have item for staying one step ahead of the day at home and at the office.  With the variety of colors available, it’s easy to assign different tasks their own Post-it Note color and when you write something down, you’re 42% more likely to make it happen. Available in an assortment of adhesive strengths, Post-it Notes stick securely and remove cleanly from everyday surfaces. Post-it Super Sticky Notes are perfect for walls, doors, and computer monitors. Post-it Notes and Post-it Greener Notes feature unique adhesives designed for application to paper. Attach Post-it Full Adhesive Notes to your laptop or binder to keep notes within reach.

Find the Right Size Post-it Note

Post its come in a variety of sizes for any form of communication. The 1 1/2" x 2" Post-it Note is perfect for making reminders on calendars or weekly planners. The standard 3" x 3" is a size that gets the message noticed but doesn't take up much room, it stands out in a subtle way. Small Post-it Notes can easily be tucked in a purse or briefcase for easy access no matter where the day takes you. Our larger size notes, 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" notes are great for those to-do lists and longer messages, capturing line by line and allowing room for all of your thoughts.

Post-it Brand Flags and Tabs Organize Notations, Signatures and Assigned Reading

Make paperwork easier by directing your clients right to signature lines. Label all the spots to be signed, dated, or notarized with easy to use Post-it Message Flags. Place the sticky flags onto your documents, and reposition to other places in the document. Use colorful Post it Flags or 1/2-inch Page Markers to save your place in books and reports or to highlight sections, all with space to add a short note. Use larger flags and Post-it Tabs to index documents with bright, easy-to-spot colors. 

Post-it Brand Easel Pads Make Collaboration a Cinch

Collaborating or presenting becomes simple with Post-it Self-Stick Easel Pads. The large flipcharts are perfect for recording thoughts from a group or class. Choose from 25- x 30-inches and 20- x 23-inches styles, as well as white or yellow unruled sheets or as lightly lined or quadrille grid sheets. All three styles tear easily from the pad and can be repositioned without damaging surfaces. Each pad comes with bleed-through resistant sheets. They are made with slots to fit most easel stands. Or choose table top easels for on-the-go impromptu presenting. 

Set Collaboration Free with Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface

Designed to stick to a variety of painted drywall and steel surfaces, glass, finished wood, and existing whiteboards or chalkboards, the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface is easy to install and requires no tools – just unroll, peel and stick. The Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface is stain-proof, erases cleanly every time and provides a smooth writing surface. From horizontal applications on desks or tables to vertical applications on surfaces where traditional whiteboards cannot be installed, such as windows, the Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface can be cut-to-fit and provides endless possibilities for dry erase solutions in new places.

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