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Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape with Dispenser, 3/4" x 23.61 yds., 4/Rolls (415)Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape with Dispenser, 3/4" x 23.61 yds., 4/Rolls (415)
Item #2126774
Model #415
  • The original satin-finish, gift wrapping tape
  • 3/4" x 23.61 yds.
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Giftwrap tape is an essential tool when wrapping gifts. It helps hold together the different wrapping paper edges around a gift or package. It comes in various widths, colors, and finishes. Staples carries a wide selection of giftwrap tape suitable for different wrapping papers and different sizes of gifts. Browse the wide selection of tape, fasteners, and adhesives at Staples in the office supplies section.

Double-sided tape
The double-sided tape gives a neat look. Creating a seam with the wrapping paper and placing the tape on the underside helps seal the edges and give the gift a tidy, clean look. The double-sided tape is more efficient and stronger for handling thicker wrapping materials such as packaging, artisan, or handmade paper. Thinner paper requires thinner tape, such as adhesive tape, to avoid disrupting the paper's edge by pushing or pulling against the wrapping paper. Double-sided tape creates little to no glue mess, ensuring minimal damage to the gift or packaging.

Clear tape finishes
Giftwrap tapes come with various finishes, such as, matte, satin or glossy. Satin is a common finish because it blends with most wrapping papers that are smooth to the touch and glossy. Clear tape with a satin finish almost vanishes from sight on most wrap papers giving a clean, tidy look on the final wrapped gift. Clear tape comes in a user-friendly roll design that makes it easy to pull out, thin enough to easily cut off, and with enough adhesive to hold the wrapping paper together. Additionally, it does not yellow or dry out. 

Consider decorative tape
Decorative giftwrap tape comes with a variety of patterns, colors, and designs. Sometimes, it serves as a creative substitute for ribbons on a wrapped gift. The different patterns are sometimes thematic and help to add aesthetic appeal to the wrapping. For example, heart images on decorative tape are ideal for a Valentine's gift. Decorative tape sometimes has a glossy or matte finish. Matte finishes help the tape stand out from the wrapping paper.

What are the dispensing options?
Giftwrap tape comes in rolls. Some brands sell their tape with a dispenser for easier use. Users can use the tape on its own or through the dispenser for easier and faster application. Unique designs come with a dispenser that comfortably fits on the wrist, keeping both hands free to focus on the task. Some dispensers provide precut tape, making the sticking process easier. The included dispenser stores away conveniently, and it's easy to refill. 

What is the average width?
Giftwrap tape comes in varying widths depending on their purpose. The average width of most tapes is 3/4 inches. A roll could contain as much as 54 feet in length. This is sufficient for both personal and professional use.

Are there single unit tapes?
Giftwrap tape comes in rolls. They come in packages or as single rolls. Most brands package their rolls in packs of three.

Is the tape acid-free?
Giftwrap tape is acid-free. This means that it does not yellow or discolor after long periods. It's still viable even after long periods of no use.

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