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Secure objects firmly by attaching them together with hook and loop fasteners. This type of fastener uses a system of tiny hooks and loops that bind when pressed together. While the bond formed is strong, separating the two components simply requires ripping them apart. Staples® carries a wide selection of hook and loop closures in its large inventory of office supplies.

Choose From Different Types of Sticky Back Fasteners
Also referred to as hook and pile and touch fasteners, these are available as squares, coins, tapes, and strips. They’re suitable for peel-and-stick indoor applications at home, work, and in classrooms. These fasteners have adhesive backings that stick firmly to smooth surfaces.

Coin or dot types are round patches used for mounting small and lightweight items, such as TV remotes and posters, to walls, or to close envelopes. Square hook and pile fasteners are just as versatile as coin types and suitable for securing and hanging similar items. Hook and loop tapes and strips have bigger surface areas and stronger holding power. Use these to hang items like picture frames. They’re also multipurpose fasteners to include in arts and crafts kits.

Enjoy the Convenience of Self-Grip Straps
In addition to two-component fastening systems, hook and loop closures are also available as self-engaging straps. The most common applications for these are as cable ties and wire fasteners. Use them to bundle long and slender items together. One advantage of touch fastening straps over coins, squares, tapes, and strips is that they’re reusable. With no adhesive backing securing them to anchoring surfaces like walls, users can remove self-gripping straps without leaving a sticky residue.

There are two main styles of hook and loop straps: double- and single-sided fasteners. Regular double-sided straps have hooks on one side and loops on the other. Specialty models may have hooks or loops on both sides. Single-sided straps have both hooks and loops on one side with their reverse sides bare and smooth. This design produces hook and loop closures that attract less lint and don’t chafe the skin.

What Are Industrial-Strength Hook and Loop Fasteners?
These are durable closures meant for high-load applications. They have stronger holding power than most regular fasteners. Their strong adhesive backings can stick to uneven surfaces and smooth ones. Industrial-strength fasteners built for outdoor use are highly resistant to water, solvent, and UV damage.

Can You Put Hook and Loop Fasteners on Fabrics?
Yes, but only if they have fabric backing. The adhesives on regular hook and loop closures don’t hold reliably on fabric fibers. Putting touch-fastening straps, strips, and tapes on clothes requires sewing. Users can safely wash clothing, bags, and other items made of textile with sewn-on hook and pile fasteners.

Why Get Clear Hook and Loop Tape?
A clear fastener has a low-profile finish. Its transparent look lets it disappear into the background and gives the point of attachment a seamless look. There's no need to find colored tape to match the surface being fastened.

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