Hooks & Hanging Strips

Wall hooks and hanging strips make it easy to decorate any environment from homes to offices and dorm rooms. Most have an acrylic adhesive that provides a sturdy grip without leaving behind any damage to the surface. At Staples, you'll find a variety of hanging solutions from popular brands such as 3M and Scotch.

Wall Hooks Work Indoors and Outdoors
Wall hooks are versatile tools that help hold a myriad of items. They come in handy in homes, offices and cars and you can find them in multiple sizes. Micro hooks hold small items such as jewelry or hair ties, keeping them organized when not in use. Medium and large hooks make excellent solutions for hanging items such as car keys, sweaters or clipboards. They come in a variety of colors including pink, purple, blue and white so you can color-coordinate your organizational plan or add a pop of color to any room. Because they have removable adhesive, you can add a new strip to reuse the hooks over and over for different purposes.

Some designs have hooks that spring up then lay flat when not in use to prevent catching. For those looking to decorate outdoors, companies like 3M make special adhesives that stand up to the elements, humidity and a wide temperature range. Large metallic hooks make a good wreath-hanging solution throughout the year. During the holiday season, outdoor light clips make it easy to secure Christmas lights instead of nailing or stringing them up.

Picture Hanging Strips Mean No Holes
Picture hanging strips eliminate the need to put holes in walls with nails, pushpins or screws. You can find these strips in several sizes including small, medium and large, to accommodate many frames ranging from 4 x 6 inches to 24 x 36 inches. They work on a variety of surfaces, including textured walls, and hold items that weigh up to 8 pounds, making them ideal for heavier decorative elements. Specialty items such as easel back strips have spacers so you can add reach to accommodate the increased depth of the frame. Canvas hangers apply directly to the wall and have an inclined design and a sawtooth ridge that provides extra grip to prevent the canvas from falling.

All varieties of the hanging strips have a clear tab that you can pull to remove them cleanly from walls, leaving behind no visible marks. If you have a variety of items to hang up in an array of sizes, consider purchasing a kit. They come with multiple components in a single package to display up to 15 pictures or decorative elements for added convenience.

Mounting Squares Provide Direct Grip
If you're looking to hang pictures, signs or plaques in the office or at home, consider using foam mounting squares. They have a versatile design that conforms to the object you're mounting for added security and come in an array of sizes. Smaller units can hold up to 1 pound while larger squares or strips can hold up to 5 pounds, depending on the brand.

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