Sewing fasteners allows you to easily join fabric together so it is simple and convenient to pull them on and off. Zippers and other implements offer a finishing touch to handmade creations. Choose from a variety of reliable brands including American & Efrid, FixnZip, and Sullivans.

Available in a variety of colors, these zippers and fasteners can be matched to suit whatever fabric you are using. Whether you are making pants or you need a zipper to close up a handmade purse, these fasteners can be used for either project with ease. They are easy to sew inside a garment to create a safe and secure fit.


These fasteners and zippers are constructed of a variety of materials. For lightweight fabrics, you need a lightweight zipper. Fasteners with plastic teeth won’t weigh fabric down, but they are still durable to withstand daily wear. For heavier fabrics, you can choose zipper teeth that are made from aluminum or even brass. These zippers are ideal for jeans and furniture covers because they can withstand more abuse without bending or breaking.

Zippers come in a wide variety of sizes, but they are typically given in whole inches. When using a pattern to make clothing or other crafty items, you can find out what size zipper you need by looking at the required notions on the back of the pattern. If you see you need a longer or shorter ribbon than you can find in stores, you can purchase a zipper creator that allows you to cut the fastener to the desired length for a perfect fit on whatever you happen to be sewing.

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