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Tiny and rugged microSD™ cards expand the data storage capacity of electronic devices. They feature a broad range of access speeds that handle data storage tasks or play high-resolution video. With capacities between 2GB and 2TB, these devices store a few files or an entire media library. Find a microSD card for your smartphone, laptop, camera, or tablet when you explore the selection of data storage products available at Staples®.

Use MicroSD Cards to Manage a Variety of Data Storage Tasks
Word processing data, contact databases, and media files all have different storage needs, and microSD cartridges deliver a broad range of access speeds and data capacities that store almost any data efficiently. Use a slower card with a lower capacity to store a cell phone's contact information or transfer working files between devices. Midrange cards handle general computing tasks, store photos, or playback music or standard definition video. The fastest high-capacity ones are ideal for demanding applications such as recording and playing back 2K or 4K video.

Enjoy Compact and Reliable Storage With MicroSD Cards
These cartridges offer the convenience of plug-and-play installation and are compatible with a broad range of devices. Their tiny size, the cards are 0.43 inches wide, 0.59 inches long, and just 0.03 inches thick, make them an excellent data storage option for portable electronics such as smartphones or music players. They're also quite durable. Users can take their devices almost anywhere and enjoy reliable access to their data.

Which MicroSD Cards Should You Choose?
Data capacity and speed standards provide additional information about cartridge characteristics. Understanding these standards simplifies the selection process. Products with an SD logo store up to 2GB of data, SDHC cards hold 2 to 32GB, and SDXC cards store 32GB to 2TB. The speed rating shows how fast it reads and writes data. There are three overlapping speed standards. Class 2 to Class 10 cards transfer between 2 and 10 MB per second; UHS 1 and 3 cards read and write 10 to 30 MB per second; and cartridges in the Video Speed Class transfer between 6 and 90 MB per second. Matching capacity and speed to the data storage task at hand ensures consistent performance.

How Rugged Are MicroSD Cards?
Memory cards have no moving parts and handle most environmental challenges. Many SD cards have an IPX7 waterproof rating, keeping data safe even after full submersion. Most are also unaffected by x-rays and magnetic fields. Travelers can send their devices through security checkpoints without worrying about data loss. Memory cartridges operate at temperatures between -13 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit and resist shocks and impacts, making them a reliable data storage option for field work.

Which Devices Use MicroSD Cards?
A microSD card works in any device with a microSD slot or compatible card reader. Many compact devices such as smartphones or tablets have these slots because they provide a significant amount of data storage capacity without taking up much space. Some MicroSD memory cards come with adapters compatible with the USB ports or standard SD card readers found in many desktop or laptop computers. The larger adapters make it easy to handle these tiny storage cards and simplified data transfers between devices.
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