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Easy2Go Student Computer DeskEasy2Go Student Computer Desk
In store only
Item #951573
Model #951573-CC
  • Student computer desk offers storage and workspace with a small footprint
  • This desk features a rich resort cherry laminate finish that complements virtually any decor
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MidMod 60" Storage Desk, Espresso (UN56950)MidMod 60" Storage Desk, Espresso (UN56950)
Item #24398973
Model #UN56950
  • MidMod, a collection by Union & Scale
  • Geometric forms and clean lines of this mid-century modern storage desk with storage allow you to curate an inspired office space
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Ameriwood Home Aden L Glass Desk, Cherry (9379096)Ameriwood Home Aden L Glass Desk, Cherry (9379096)
Item #100780
Model #9379096
  • Corner computer desk
  • Black metal frame with Carolina Cherry shelves and corner piece
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Sauder Edge Water Collection 65" Desk, Black (409042)Sauder Edge Water Collection 65" Desk, Black (409042)
Item #868972
Model #409042
  • Update your small office or home office with the desk
  • Comes in estate black
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Linea Italia 24" X 60" Rectangular Office Desk, Ash/Gray (ZUD218)Linea Italia 24" X 60" Rectangular Office Desk, Ash/Gray (ZUD218)
Item #24316488
Model #ZUD218
  • Office desk
  • Ash laminate top
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Easy 2 Go 48" Corner Desk, Brown (952543-CC)Easy 2 Go 48" Corner Desk, Brown (952543-CC)
In store only
Item #952543
Model #952543-CC
  • Plenty of space for multitasking with this corner desk
  • Comes in resort cherry laminate finish
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Offices to go Superior 60" Desk Shell, Artisan Gray (TDSL6030DSAGL)
Item #24418311
Model #TDSL6030DSAGL
  • Desk shell is great for every type of workplace, including home and office
  • This laminated desk comes in artisan gray
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Whalen Emergent Gaming 60" Laminate Computer Desk, Black (SPUS-EGDB)Whalen Emergent Gaming 60" Laminate Computer Desk, Black (SPUS-EGDB)
In store only
Item #24308799
  • Plenty of space for multitasking with this computer desk
  • Comes in black and made of laminate
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Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk, Heather Gray (WC31715K)Bush Furniture Cabot Corner Desk, Heather Gray (WC31715K)
Item #2094400
Model #WC31715K
  • Laminate over Composite Wood
  • The Harvest Cherry and Espresso Oak Desks contain a handy charging station; the Heather Gray Desk features a full shelf for paperwork and supplies
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Bush Business Furniture Studio C 60"W x 30"D Office Desk, Storm Gray (SCD260SG)Bush Business Furniture Studio C 60"W x 30"D Office Desk, Storm Gray (SCD260SG)
15% off
Item #24274620
Model #SCD260SG
  • Thermally fused laminate over composite wood
  • 60"W x 30"D surface offers space to spread out and integrated cable management to conceal computer cords
Reg.  $278.89
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Give your workplace a facelift and improve employee productivity by equipping it with practical and elegant office desks. These essential pieces of office furniture are important for tasks like writing and filing, and serve as work spaces for computers, telephones, and office accessories. When choosing them, consider factors like available space, office layout, and user work space preferences. Browse the wide selection of practical and ergonomic office furniture at Staples to find different sizes and configurations of desks.

Choose from different types of office desks
One way to classify this furniture is by function. Home and business offices commonly use writing, computer, executive, credenza, and standing desks. A writing table is a compact, narrow unit that’s wide enough to fit a laptop. Computer desks are bigger, and can accommodate larger workstation computers and equipment. These workstations may also feature storage units, pullout keyboard trays, and cable management fixtures. Executive desks are even bigger units, many with double pedestal construction. Choose one of these for a large office.

Credenza tables have multiple built-in storage units, including drawers and shelves, while standing desks have their worktops at standing height. Consider an adjustable height model that can move between sitting and standing heights. Office desks also come in shapes to maximize work flow. U and L desks are highly functional for professional environments, and offer space-saving benefits. By providing two or more separate workspaces, they’re ideal for multitasking. Offices can also use them as shared desks to accommodate two or more employees.

Consider size and material when shopping for office desks
When selecting a size, consider the overall layout of the office. Find a unit that’s big enough to hold a computer, writing supplies, and other essential office equipment when space is tight. However, it should not be so big as to leave the workspace cramped. Materials used to build desks also contribute to their durability and aesthetics. Wood and metal are the most commonly used materials. Both are solid options, but metal, especially aluminum, is lighter. Shoppers can also find models that combine both materials.

Pick a wooden table for a traditional office fixture, and to complement other wood furnishings in the workspace. Metal units are suitable for modern decors, especially when fitted with glass tops. Glass and laminates are usually reserved for desktops. Glass is visually striking, and its transparency makes a workspace appear bigger. Laminate is a practical choice that resists staining and warping.

What is the standard size of an office desk?
There are no standard measurements for this piece of furniture. However, the typical office desk has a height between 28 and 30 inches, a width between 30 and 60 inches, and a depth of 20 to 36 inches.

What is the difference between L-shaped and corner office desks?
Both models are suitable for room corners. However, an L unit has two arms joined at a right angle, while a corner unit has a curved elbow. The user sits in the curved center section of a corner desk, but can only work at either of the two sides of an L-shaped desk.

What are RTA office desks?
RTA units, or ready to assemble, come in flat-packed packages, and require users to assemble them. Compared to pre-assembled pieces of furniture, these are usually lighter, and enjoy lower shipping costs. Desks with fragile parts, such as glass worktops, usually ship ready to assemble to lower the risk of breakage during transportation.

Staples Top 5 Office Desks

Out of 55,867 customer reviews, we found the most highly rated office desks online to fit your workspace. We carry 2,147 office desks and accessories in 16 different types including L-Shaped desks and computer desks. Desks also come in 14 different styles like contemporary, industrial, and others to match the look of your workspace. These desks range in price from $10.49 up to $4,049.99. These desks are functional, stylish, and work well in traditional office settings or home offices. 

Choosing the right combination in a new office desk can be tough, but with your inventory and filters, Staples has made it easy. Here are the top 5 office desks in our inventory. 

What Are The Best Kinds Of Office Desks?

These types of office desks have the highest ratings on

We have them in stock plus 16 other desk type options.

What Are The Best Office Desk Styles Available?

We have 14 desk styles to choose from, the highest rated being:

The 5 Lowest Priced Office Desk Deals Online

Are you looking for the best prices on office desks? You may be looking for corner desks, writing desks, traditional style or rustic desks, but you know you want to find the best deals on a desk. Here at Staples we have 16 types of affordable office desks in 14 different styles. Prices range from $10.49 to $4,049.99, depending on the office desk size you’re looking for. All of this might make it difficult to choose a desk for your work or home. To help, we’ve put together a list of the lowest priced office desks out of our inventory of 2,147:

What Are The Most Affordable Types Of Office Desks?

Based on our current inventory below desks have the lowest priced options:

Our Lowest Priced Office Desk Styles Available

The best discount office desks out of our 14 different styles are:

What Are The Most Popular Office Desks?

Here at Staples, you can find the best office desks online based on over 55,867 reviews. Search the most reviewed office desks styles and types out of 2,147 desks available. Maybe you are looking for the most popular minimalist type desks, transitional office desks, or perhaps the most reviewed wall mounted and secretary desks? Reviews will help you choose the right office desk for school, home or work. Below are the best office desks at the best price with the most reviews:

What Types Of Office Desks Are Most Popular?

Out of the 16 types of desks Staples carries, the most reviewed and popular office desk types can be found below. Check out the specific review and ratings data below:

The Most Popular Office Desk Styles

Our desks come in nearly 14 different styles, all with different desk colors, materials, and sizes. Below are the most popular styles of desks this year to help you choose a style that suits you best: