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Wooster Brush Pelican Pail Liner, 3/Pack (86290000)
Item #24385243
Model #0086290000
  • Fits Pelican Hand-Held Pail
  • Rigid, form-fitting plastic liners, 3-pack
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Plastic Lid, 5 Gallon, White, 1/Each (HAZ1076LID)
Item #2301958
Model #HAZ1076LID
  • White Plastic
  • 12 1/32" diameter x 1 7/16" height
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1 Quart Paint Can, 36/CT (HAZ1071)
Item #947287
Model #HAZ1071
  • Metal can with lid
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Item #947288
Model #HAZ1072
  • Metal can with lid
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Wooster Brush Pelican® Hand-Held Pail (86190000)Wooster Brush Pelican® Hand-Held Pail (86190000)
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Item #24385241
Model #0086190000
  • Built-in 5 1/2” wide roll-off area; soft-feel elastomer adds comfort
  • Powerful, integrated magnet holds a brush; won’t rust or trap paint for easier cleaning
Ensure mess-free painting at work, home, or outdoors with practical paint buckets. Paint pails offer a secure way to store paint during transport or while painting. Pail liners in the collection prevent paint spills, which is convenient when painting in a room with delicate floors. Supply businesses and households with durable paint pails from Staples, which simplify painting processes when adding a new color to rooms. 

Details of brush paint buckets
An effective magnet inside some paint pails holds a painting brush, and it’s rust-resistant to ensure easy maintenance. The magnet won’t trap paint over a long-term period, which makes it easy to clean. Select buckets have a convenient 5.5-inch roll-off area for mini rollers, which measure up to 4.5 inches. This roll-off area features a ledge on the top, which ensures that paint can drip back into the pail. The security strap is flexible, so it can expand to fit large hands while holding a paint pail. The soft-feel elastomer of this pail provides comfort during painting sessions. The intuitive design makes it simple to use paint pails without causing spills, and you can use them with poly liners. Apply thick layers of paint to walls by sliding the roller on the roll-off area.

Specifics of paint pail materials
Propylene material offers durability and resistance to corrosion, so that individuals can use them to store paints with chemicals. This material is also solvent-resistant and stops paint buildup. The plastic is lightweight, which makes poly paint pails easy to hold in one hand when using the other one for painting. Use the roll-off area to dispose of the excess paint when applying strokes to walls and ceilings.

What are some features of pail liners?
Form-fitting liners enable quick and clean color changes when painting on walls, ceilings, or furniture. Liners protect paint pails during transport, so they remain in good shape. Clear PET material is recyclable, so these pail liners are disposable and ideal for timely cleanups. It’s a suitable option for environmentally conscious companies that prefer to use recyclable materials. Supply pail liners to accommodate painting companies, so that employees can move and work without creating a mess. Bulk options include three-pack pail liners for busy painters who require fast paint color changes. It’s nice to keep a spare just in case it’s needed. 

What are some benefits of using paint buckets?
The universal design makes it easy to use paint pails for left and right-handed individuals. With convenient paint pail dimensions, users can perform paint jobs on different surfaces efficiently. Brush paint pails are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. Professional painters can strap paint pails to their belts for hands-free use when dealing with an extra complex painting task.

How much paint can you store inside the paint pail?
These paint pails can store up to 1 quart of paint, which reduces the frequency of refills. With 1 quart of paint at your disposal, it’s easy to work on heavy-duty painting tasks while using the ladder.