About this product

Make sharp, crisp lines with these dozen Pentel Twist-Erase blue-barrel No. 2 mechanical pencils.

Work out math problems, take standardized tests or draw with these blue-barrel No. 2 mechanical pencils. The 0.7mm lead of these Pentel Twist-Erase mechanical pencils let you create bold lines without sacrificing precision, and they are sold by the dozen so you always have a backup.

  • Mechanical pencils are ready to use right out of the box
  • This pencil has No. 2 lead that resists breakage for smooth writing
  • Round, blue barrel
  • 0.7mm medium lead features bonded break-resistant quality that provides smooth writing
  • Pencils come in pack of 12 and can replace pens during many common work-related tasks or projects
  • Refillable lead makes it economical
  • Built-in erasers allow you to correct mistakes and make changes anytime
  • The retractable mechanism allows you to use lead when you need it and keep it from breaking when you don't
  • Convenient pocket or notebook clip

Long Twist-Up Eraser
Remove mistakes thoroughly and as often as is required without staining the paper with the pencil's smudge-resistant eraser. The long twist-up eraser lasts through a great many writing errors, and when it eventually runs out, simply slide in an eraser refill and keep on writing.

Suitable for Regular Use
Ensure your office projects are neat and easy to read with the thin HB-soft lead of this Pentel mechanical pencil, which produces consistently dark and sharp lines. A fixed tip helps minimize lead breakage, while the pencil's lightweight construction and elongated latex-free grip lets you complete longer writing projects comfortably.

Convenient and Contemporary
Click the top of the pencil to conveniently advance the lead for uninterrupted writing. Carry the pencil easily in your pocket using its durable metal clip. A clear blue plastic design gives the pencils a contemporary look.