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Poppin Medium Pocket Notebook, 6" x 8.5", College Ruled, 80 Sheets, Aqua (101351)Poppin Medium Pocket Notebook, 6" x 8.5", College Ruled, 80 Sheets, Aqua (101351)
Item #1268263
Model #101351
  • Pocket notebooks let you organize your way
  • This 6" x 8.5" notebook has 80 sheets
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Pep Rally Assignment Notebook, 5" x 8", 81 Sheets, Assorted Colors (58908)
In store only
Item #24429979
Model #58908
  • Pep Rally is designed for those striving, following dreams, and expressing themselves
  • Assignment Notebook
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Poppin Medium Soft Cover Notebook, 5" x 8.25", College Ruled, 86 Sheets, Blush (104451)Poppin Medium Soft Cover Notebook, 5" x 8.25", College Ruled, 86 Sheets, Blush (104451)
In store only
Item #24297882
Model #104451
  • Bendable and portable for notes on-the-go
  • Handy interior back pocket is just the spot for receipts and love notes
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The Best Pocket Notebook Notepads For Sale At Staples

When it comes to Pocket Notebook notepads, the options can seem endless. Notepad and notebook color, rule type, and of course, price are all factors to consider before purchasing. Staples has 3 Pocket Notebook notepads & notebooks available in 3 rule types, perfect for taking or transcribing notes, planning your calendar, or capturing ideas throughout the day. Prices range from $6.99 to $26.49. We've organized great deals on the highest rated Pocket Notebook notepads we have available right now. Check them out below, along with some other options to help you choose the best Pocket Notebook notepad to match your needs:

What Are The Best Pocket Notebook Notepad Rule Types?

Staples has several top rated Pocket Notebook notepads available with different rule types. Based on customer ratings, the most popular rule types when it comes to Pocket Notebook notepads in our inventory are:

What Are The Top-Rated Colors For Pocket Notebook Notepads?

Color matters when it comes to your notepad or notebook. Pocket Notebook notepads need to match your style while remaining functional and durable. Out of the 3 colors of Pocket Notebook notepads & notebooks we have, here are the highest rated colors according to past purchasers:

The Most Popular Pocket Notebook Notepad Brands

Like color, the brand of your Pocket Notebook notepad matters so you know you are getting the best quality for the price. The popular Pocket Notebook notepad & notebook brands according to our review data are:

The Best Deals On Pocket Notebook Notepads

Prices on Pocket Notebook notepads have never been lower at Staples. Save money on 2 different Pocket Notebook notepads for school, work, college, or home. Prices range from $6.99 to $26.49, giving you tons of variety across a range of budgets. Read more below about the most affordable Pocket Notebook notepad colors and brands below. To get started, here are the lowest prices we found on Pocket Notebook notepads:

The Lowest Priced Pocket Notebook Notepads By Rule Type

Not all Pocket Notebook notepads are the same. Some are better for planning, while others are more compact and easy to take on the go. Whether you need a small Pocket Notebook notepad or a large one, the most important factor is the rule type. Staples offers a variety of rule types with our collection of Pocket Notebook notebooks and notepads. Below are the least expensive Pocket Notebook notepads by rule type that we have in stock:

The Least Expensive Pocket Notebook Notepad Colors

You've selected your Pocket Notebook notepad rule type that best fits your writing style. Now it's time to select the perfect color notebook to match your personality or environment. Staples' has Pocket Notebook notepads available in 3 different colors, with prices ranging depending on color and size. If you're not sure what color Pocket Notebook notepad to purchase, see the least expensive Pocket Notebook notepad colors we carry below:

What Is The Most Affordable Pocket Notebook Notepad Brand?

With the rule type and color chosen, it is important to select a good Pocket Notebook notepad brand to get the best quality for your money. Check out the most affordable Pocket Notebook notepad brands that we carry below:

What Are The Most Popular Pocket Notebook Notepads Online?

Over 38 reviews on Pocket Notebook notepads from previous Staples customers help you decide what notepad or notebook is the perfect choice for you. Staples has 2 Pocket Notebook notepads to explore, not to mention 3 colors and 2 brands to choose from. Let the past guide you towards the best Pocket Notebook notepad that you'll love. Below are the Pocket Notebook notepads that have the highest number of reviews from our customers:

Popular Pocket Notebook Notepad Rule Types, According To Customers

Which rule types that Pocket Notebook notepads offer do Staples customers love for taking notes, schoolwork, or writing? We examined nearly 38 reviews of Pocket Notebook notepads to find the most reviewed rule types:

Top Rated Pocket Notebook Notepad Colors By Customers

From simple colors to extravagant designs, Staples has the latest Pocket Notebook binder colors to choose from. With 3 colors to choose from, you are sure to fall in love with a top rated Pocket Notebook binder that other customers loved as well. Below are the most reviewed colors available for Pocket Notebook notepads & notebooks:

Customers Love These Pocket Notebook Notepad Brands

There are 2 brands available in our Pocket Notebook notebook inventory. Past buyers of Pocket Notebook notepads have had plenty to say about the best brands to help you make your choice. Check out the Pocket Notebook binder brands Staples customers think are the best: