New Employee Checklist

Jumpstart your new employees' success by providing them with all the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.


Desks Whether you're purchasing a new desk or assigning your new employees to ones you already own, be sure to dust off the top and clean out the drawers.


Your employees will be spending hours at their desks. Increase their comfort by providing a desk chair that provides proper back support.

Notebook Computers

Notebook Computers If you think your new employees may be putting in long hours, consider offering them a laptop computer they can take home with them on nights and weekends. It will allow them to take a short break after a long day before going back to work.

Internet Access

The Web can help your employees find industry relevant statistics, research current and potential clients, and even take classes online.

Business Cards*

Business cards will help your new employees establish themselves as a member of your company. You might even suggest that your new employees send out a business card with their contact information and an introduction letter to the clients, customers, or vendors they will be servicing.


Make it easy for other employees to come and introduce themselves to your new workers. A nameplate eases the awkwardness of having to ask new employees their names.

Personal Digital Assistant

Personal Digital Assistant Help your employees keep track of their busy schedules––invest in a personal digital assistant (PDA).

Wireless Phone*

If your new employees will be spending a significant amount of time on the road, help them stay in touch with you, the office, and their clients by providing a wireless phone.


A telephone is a top priority for every desk.

Welcoming gift

Welcoming gift Surprise your new employees with a friendly token that says you're happy they joined your company. Consider leaving a new picture frame on their desk to display a photograph of their family or friends. You might also put a jar of candy or other sweet treats on their desk.

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301 Moved Permanently