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Let It Snow! Snow Days Don’t Have to Freeze Out Learning

Let It Snow! Snow Days Don’t Have to Freeze Out Learning

Here are four tips for getting your students back to schoolwork after the excitement of a snow day. Read More.

Give Your Classroom a Fresh Look for the New Year

Try these simple and inexpensive ideas to refresh your classroom as a new calendar year begins.

Learning from a Major Milestone: The 100th Day of School

It’s time to celebrate learning! Use the 100th day of school to introduce and reinforce key concepts.

Why Mid-Year Is a Great Time to Assess Your Teaching

6 tips to use self-assessment to improve your teaching as you get ready for a new semester.

Schools Out, Teachers! Make This Break About You

Tips for K–5 teachers on how to make the most of winter and spring breaks, and return to the classroom recharged.

The Power of Classroom Playtime

Play is essential for children because it helps to reinforce classroom lessons. Try these tips.

Initiating an Individualized Education Program: Prepare with Care

Children with learning challenges should have the same ability to succeed in school as other students.

Tips for Teaching K–5 Students on the Autism Spectrum

The better you know your students, the better you'll know what works for each one.

Finding Teachable Lessons in Everything We Do

Not everything a child learns is the result of the curriculum. Learn how to create more teachable moments.

Take the Pain Out of Planning: 5 Tips to Kick the Lesson Planning Blues

To create an effective lesson plan, you need to know what your end goal is.

Going Viral: What Teachers Need to Know About Enterovirus D68

Our experts tell you what you need to know to prevent an outbreak of this rapidly spreading illness in your classroom.

Want to Give Your Students a Jump on the Day?

Begin lessons with aerobic activity to help K–5 students be more attentive and focused.

Design for Success: 5 Tips & Tricks to Effective Elementary Classroom Design

Create a classroom that’s orderly and offers an environment where kids want to learn.

How to Find and Destroy Germs in Your K–5 Classroom

Keep icky illnesses at bay by involving students and following these disinfecting tips.

How to Help Parents Select K–5 Common Core Materials for Home

Help students build their skills with useful parent resources.

How to Ask Parents to Help You Pay for Classroom Supplies and Materials

Give parents the opportunity to contribute without setting an expectation that they should.

Teaching Through Art & Activities in the K–5 Classroom

Show students how skills transfer from one subject area to another.