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Support in times of need

We’re here to help our associates, customers and local communities when a crisis or disaster occurs.


Through our partnership with Save the Children, a leader in international disaster relief focused on supporting children in times of need, we're able to focus our giving on educational support. The Staples® Emergency Education Fund was established with Save the Children to help communities affected by disaster, with a primary focus in communities where we operate and large-scale international disasters.

In 2016, the Staples Emergency Education Fund was activated to provide relief for the following disasters:

Flint Water Crisis

Distributed 35,000 bottles of healthy water to some of Flint’s hardest to reach families.

West Virginia Flooding, June

Helped rebuild and resupply local child care centers and provide over 2,500 packs of dry-erase markers to affected schools to support 24,000 children.

Louisiana Flooding, August

Supported emergency child care and temporary learning spaces in the River Center Mega Shelter and supplied learning materials for 19 Pre-K classrooms and 22 child care centers helping 8,400 children.

Hurricane Matthew, October

Helped rebuild and resupply 30 local child care centers and schools, assisting more than 1,200 children.


Associate Emergency Financial Support

Over 4,000 associates donate to the Staples Share Fund with the company matching every dollar. Because of our generous associates, the Staples Share Fund has helped over 1,600 associates in need with over $1.7 million in grants.

Grants support associates who need help with:

  • Household expenses while an associate or family member is recovering from an illness or accident
  • Funeral expenses for associates or immediate family members who have passed
  • Finding safety from domestic violence
  • Finding a home or assistance from eviction
  • Rebuilding after a natural disaster or house fire

Most importantly, these grants provide some relief and hope to those who need it the most.

To learn more or donate, visit the Staples Share Fund website.

Support in times of need

Restoring after Louisiana flooding

After catastrophic flooding in Louisiana, Staples provided more than 575 children and 50 teachers with school supplies and technology at affected schools in East Baton Rouge, Livingston, and Ascension Parishes, and set up a temporary learning space in the River Center Mega Shelter. 

Overcoming damage

Overcoming damage by Hurricane Matthew

Staples associate Jane was trapped in her home with her children for over a week due to the flooding by Hurricane Matthew. Her car and home were severely damaged. A coworker applied for assistance on her behalf and a week later, Jane received a grant from the Staples Share Fund to help with food, repairs, and damage to her home.