Occasionally, the Easy Button can be upgraded to newer versions. For the Easy Button, this is very important because it means you'll be able to take advantage of the latest offers and features available at staples.com®.

By default, your Easy Button is set to automatically check for the availability of newer versions of the Easy Button. You can change this setting by selecting the checkbox next to "Automatically check for application upgrades" in the About panel (Figure 5.0) of the Options window.

Figure 5.0: The window displayed when an Easy Button upgrade is available.

Additionally, selecting the Check Now button will instruct the Easy Button to search for upgrades immediately.

Easy Button Upgrades

If an Easy Button upgrade is available, you will be presented with a window that offers you the opportunity to download the latest version. Clicking Download Now will immediately cause you to exit your Easy Button and take you to a page on the Easy Button Web site where the download will begin automatically. Save and open the downloaded file or open it directly from your browser to begin the upgrade process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Figure 5.1: The window displayed when an Easy Button upgrade is available.
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